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Who: Linda, Kite, everyone else in the mansion who wants to come.
Where The Dining Room
When: Saturday Night, January 12th
Rating: PG. At most, PG 13.
Summary: Linda has been talking about a Karaoke Party with Kite for weeks now, and finally it’s a reality.
the Story: No Finny Fun Allowed )
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Who: One Ushiwaka and one Amaterasu
Where: ...Outdoors?
When: December 22nd, dusk
Rating: G, I guess
Summary: The shortest day of the year
the Story: Myth of the cave )
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Who: Ushiwaka, Amaterasu
Where: Chocobo Square, Gold Saucer
When: At some point of November 26th
Rating: G? I doubt it goes higher than that.
Summary: Ushiwaka finally finds the white rabbit wolf
the Story: A natural light between artificial ones )


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