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Who: Jojen and Derek and you
Where: Around the mansion grounds.
When: June 27th - 30th (July 1st closed to roommates)
Rating: Family friendly (until the 1st, in which cw for Jojen having a greendream seizure)
Summary: Puppies invade Wonderland, and Jojen and Derek react in their own ways throughout the event.
The Story: there are now too many puppies )
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who: Bran Stark and/or a pig, and you.
where: in the gardens
when: forward dated to may 20th.
rating: PG. (porker gratuitous)
summary: Getting brought to a mansion is one thing. Getting brought to a mansion when you can't walk is a whole other one. Bran's going to have to improvise.

the scenes which hold the waking world slowly come undone. )


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