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Who: Class 2-2 (Abigail Hobbs, Alphonse Elric, Becky Rosen, Bela Talbot, Bucky Barnes, Carlos, Cecil, Damon Salvatore, George Lass, Integra Hellsing, Jojen Reed, Leonard McCoy, Mr. Gold, Phil Coulson, Regina Mills, Teddy Altman) and whoever comes to visit! (OTA)
Where: Class 2-2’s Fortune Telling Booth (Second floor, second classroom)
When: Japanese High School AU Event (Saturday through Wednesday)
Rating: PG/PG-13 depending on the sort of Fortune’s being told
Summary: Come get your palms read! Or Blue! Or any color you desire! The Fortune Tellers are ready to peer into the void and produce a glimpse of your future or a profound statement from a fortune cookie. Catch-all for the Fortune Telling Booth!
The Story:

I see a tall, dark stranger in your future )
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Who: Jojen and Derek and you
Where: Around the mansion grounds.
When: June 27th - 30th (July 1st closed to roommates)
Rating: Family friendly (until the 1st, in which cw for Jojen having a greendream seizure)
Summary: Puppies invade Wonderland, and Jojen and Derek react in their own ways throughout the event.
The Story: there are now too many puppies )
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Who: Hazel Levesque & Anybody who comes across her!
Where: Horse Stables
When: end of June
Rating: G, most likely, knowing Hazel
Summary: In her explorations of this strange, new world, Hazel comes across Wonderland's horse stables...and makes a friend

The Story:

It felt good to be out of the rain )

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Who: Lord Buckingham & [SEMI-OPEN]{*}
Where: Buckingham's room [10/001], his private stable [01/154] & the beach
When: Wednesday, May 21 - late afternoon & evening
Rating: PG-13-ish, for mentions of murder
Summary: Buckingham was killed again. The network found out. Buckingham politely stayed dead for two days, then thought the entire affair boring, and decided to revive; after all horses don't groom themselves, and lion cubs are remarkably impatient.

- - - - -

{*} You're very welcome to tag into this log, however I would like to limit its subject to death-related interactions, that is to say previous CR doing check-ups (mockingly, compassionately, or otherwise) on Buckingham's revival status, and/or new CR being nosy/investigative/concerned/BOTHERSOME about the murder they caught on the network. Thank you!

Also, if you think it would be very IC for your character to contact Buckingham, but you're not up for a thread for whatever OOC reason, let me know at my handwaving post, and I will tell you about any reactions / information your character would receive!
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who: Bran Stark and/or a pig, and you.
where: in the gardens
when: forward dated to may 20th.
rating: PG. (porker gratuitous)
summary: Getting brought to a mansion is one thing. Getting brought to a mansion when you can't walk is a whole other one. Bran's going to have to improvise.

the scenes which hold the waking world slowly come undone. )
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Who: Lord Buckingham ([personal profile] airshipswank) & OPEN
Where: Everywhere
When: May 16 - 21
Rating: R-ish for themes of sex, violence, and baked goods
Summary: Buckingham craves sugar and sex. From Friday to Sunday he spends the event finding ways to indulge in and/or distract from his desires. On Monday he involuntarily discovers that dying is an excellent cure to his problem.
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Who: Eames and whoever wants to bet with him.
Where: Various
When: 5/17 – 5/19
Rating: TBA
Summary: It’s usually not that hard to get Eames to gamble, but now he’ll be making idle comments to innocent bystanders about making bets over the silliest things, trying to goad people into playing cards, and quite probably losing the shirt off of his back by the end of this event.
The Story:

You thought you caught my sleight of hand )
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Who: Robert Baratheon and PEOPLE
Where: The LIBRARY
When: The Event! So... lots of days.
Summary: Robert is hungry... FOR JUSTICE KNOWLEDGE.
The Story: That requires stealing a leaf from my brother's book. Not that Robert ever read one. )
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Who: Kevin Tran and YOU.
Where: Around the mansion
When: During the event.
Rating: Not anticipating anything getting crazy, but I'll update.
Summary: Kevin is a lonely, lost puppy looking for his forever home. Are you his mother??
The Story: insert witty cut text here )


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