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Who: The Dynamic Duo, aka Meriken ([livejournal.com profile] hellyesamerica ) and Iceland ([livejournal.com profile] crymogaea )
Where Fourth floor, tea room.
When: May 18th
Rating: PG-13, just in case.
Summary: Iceland presents his report (or "track of things") to Boss Meriken because she asked him to.
the Story: but the wind and the land, and the fire and the rain, all stays the same )
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Who: America and Meriken
Where A small tour around the mansion, leading to the kitchen.
When: Shortly after Meriken's arrival.
Rating: P for PATRIOTIC. And possible mansion exploding, as to be expected with two Americas together.
Summary: America will update Meriken on Mansion happenings. The American way.
the Story: America, fuck yeah! )


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