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Who: Alan Probe and Alice Liddell.
Where: Around the vendors, on the mansion's grounds.
When: Now.
Rating: PG-13, because Alan talks about strange things and is awkward.
Summary: This nerd tries to be a smooth operator and win over Alice's affections. It likely does not go well. FYI: He'll be doing this with every female character in the mansion unless they obviously hate him or are underage.
The Story:
and by  )
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Who: Cooper Anderson and... [open]
Where: The Kitchens
When: Current? February 1st.
Rating: PG13 maybe for swearing?
Summary: SO! Cooper has been a little mia lately. If anyone was looking for him, he's been in his room and hiding away from everyone. No, he wasn't sick, if anything he was homesick. Sure, Blaine is here, but that's it. No acting auditions. No friends from California. This place is not home and he had a little trouble adjusting to that. Today? Today Cooper has gotten a little tipsy and wandered down to the kitchen to drink more and cook. Who will he run into in the kitchen?
The Story: Drunken Cooking... Who wants some grub? )
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Who: Everyone
Where: Egypt
When: Monday (Plague Day)
Rating: R for violence
Summary: Everyone is dying.
The Story: Ashes, ashes, we all fall down! )
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Who: James Potter, Alan Probe, Blaine Anderson, Coach Beiste, Souji Seta, Minato Arisato, and anyone else who wants to come with them.
Where: The Ruins
When: Day 2 of Evelyn's event (12/9)
Rating: Probably PG something-or-other depending what happens
Summary: Time for the only chance at exploring Egyptian ruins that you're ever going to get!
The Story: But it's all cool, you know - 'cause we're like, adventurers! )


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