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Who: The ladies in the mansion! And maybe even some of the guys! (in short, it's OPEN)
Where: Gathering in the ballroom, and who knows where they'll go from there.
When: Friday night
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Summary: The girls are having a slumber party! Crazy hijinks will ensue.
The Story: A slumber party in which there will be little sl33p )

((Even if you weren't involved in the planning or invite thread, this post? Wide open! Sorry I didn't get this up sooner! Basically you can start your own threads if there's something you want to play out, like crank calling, spin the bottle or any slumber party scenario you'd like. Feel free to jump into other threads as well. Guys are welcome to eavesdrop, video or text, and what-not or get smuggled in by the girls. Enjoy!))


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