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Who: Zack, his Mirror, and you
Where: All over the place
When: 7/24, Mid-afternoon
Rating:PG-13 for swearing and weird interpetations of religion?
Summary: It's Zack's birthday, but only his mirror knows of it.
The Story: We had no idea! )
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Who: Zack and Ray, the problematic adventure duo
Where: Weird cavern of doom
When: First day of the event
Rating: PG 13 Due to Ray's deathwish and Zack's swearing
Summary: A half-orc and a tiefling get a rocky start.
The Story: NOT F***ING THIS )
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Who: Angus McDonald and YOU or YOUR MIRROR
Where: Hallways, either through mirrors or in person
When: 6/7
Rating: PG probably, will warn if it goes higher
Summary: Angus can't overlook his curiosity anymore.
The Story: just follow my yellow light and ignore all those big warning signs )
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Who: Morgana, the rest of the Phantom Thieves and anyone who wants to cozy up to a warm cat in the winter
Where: Day 1: On the way to the lodge/catbus edition, Day 2: building snowcats and post-snowball fight, and Day 3: Chilling in front of the fire
When: Winter event
Rating: G
Summary: Life is tough for a cat in the snow
The Story: time to get iced )
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Who: Rachel Gardner and [insert name here].
Where: Winter Vacation Land Lodge.
Rating: PG-13+ because probable language and dark themes.
Summary: Ray hasn't had a fun winter in years, so get that cute snow stuff in here.
The Story: pack all swaddled in their coats. )
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Who: A very tired Dorian and YOU
Where: Various bars around Wonderland and the spiffy new lake
When: Immediately after the Mirror catastrophe
Rating: PG13 for trauma and booze?
Summary: Dorian would like to forget that last event please. Thank you.
The Story: Looking at you, crazy mirror people. )
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Who: Newt, his mirror, You
Where: Both sides of the mirror
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG, updated as needed
Summary: Newt is trying his best on the Real Side to help those he can. Mirror!Newt is just seeking out those that know his Real Side self and messing with their heads. If more detailed starters are desired, pm or plurk me.
The Story:
Always eager, never a hero )
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Who: Rachel Gardner and you!
Where: Roof, Basement, Garden.
When: May 15th - May 16th, through event for wildcard.
Rating: PG-13 for probable language and dark themes.
Summary: Ray arrives in Wonderland! Where's her little blue dress?
The Story: like a river underground, the sewer where we used to walk. )
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Who: Mirror!Zack aka Issac and YOU!
Where: Mirrorside
When: From May 14th to May 20th
Rating: PG13 due to kidnapping trauma, violent thoughts, religious undertones, and potential swearing. Will raise rating if necessary.
Summary: Issac sticks around on the Mirrorside, setting up traps for the stray Real things.
The Story: Rather like hornets protecting their hive! )


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