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Who: Oliver and Thea Queen; closed
Where: Thea's Room
When: Backdated to Monday midday/afternoon after the hell hounds
Rating: PG (shouldn't go higher...)
Summary: After the hell hounds, Oliver goes to check on Thea, conveniently lying about when he arrived and who he arrived as.
The Story: I'm finally coming home )
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Who: Milady de Winter, and you.
Where: The halls of the mansion
When: The first hour of silence after the Hellhounds disappear.
Rating: Uh. G?
Summary: Milady and her daggers and her dress are going to see the extent of the damage, and to find out just what in the nine hells went on in the past few days.

Clearing smoke and rubble. )
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Who: Thea Queen + 'The Hood'
Where: The hallway where Amy Pond died
When: Third day of the event
Rating: M for safety
Summary: Amy died, Thea's traumatised, and hellhounds are closing in
The Story: it took you out )
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Who: Cordelia Chase & various & open!
Where: Hot mess all over this grill.
When: Hellhound Invasion: Days One - Three.
Rating: R for potential death/gore.
Summary: Cordelia's not sure which she prefers right now: Painless visions or a vision coma.
The Story: run to where you want; )


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