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WHO; Annie Leonhardt & Eren Yeager
WHEN; Late night
WHERE; Eren's Room
WHY; To confront Eren "safely"

Hey. )
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Who: Armin Arlert [personal profile] strategisch (class 2-1) and YOU!
Where: around school
When: throughout the event
Rating: PG... 13?
Summary: Armin got signed up for the Drag Pageant by the Blood Orange Gang. Now he has to deal with it.

The Story: I don't care how I look, that doesn't make me free game! )
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Who: Annie + you
Where: the Dock
When: May 12, late night(early morning.)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Annie, as usual, is being depressed/annoyed/frustrated and sits at the dock to sulk about it.
The Story: A wide open ocean with no place to go. )
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Who: Armin & Annie (AA Anonymous?)
Where: Library
When: Sometime around 2am
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Annie decides she's going to try to leave on her own, she has to see if there is any information. Assuming nobody is going to be there, she goes to the library realllllllly late.

god, more awkward lol )


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