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Who: Erwin Smith, others and open
Where: Mansion, grounds, beach
When: 10/4-10/8ish
Rating: Varies
Summary: Exploring the mansion/grounds, Survey Corps officer bonding time
The Story: day by day )
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Who: Mirror!Levi ([personal profile] humanities_cruelest), Real Levi ([personal profile] humanities_strongest) and you~!
Where: The Mansion (real and mirror side)
When: 9-20 evening
Rating: R for Mirror Levi
Summary: Mirror!Levi is pissed about Hange outsmarting him. So he wants to take it out on people. All while Real Levi is exploring the mirror world.
The Story: Teeth ready for sinking )


Sep. 13th, 2014 11:00 am
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Who: Erwin Smith and OPEN
Where: Several locations
When: Weekend of Sept 13-14
Rating: PG-13, maybe mention of spoilers up to Chapter 61.
Summary: Erwin explores the mansion.
The Story: expedition into the mansion )
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Who: The Attack on Titan cast and YOU!
When: Sunday, August 31st to Thursday, September 4th
Rating: Variable!
Summary: The Attack on Titan cast decides to make their own caravan. Hijinks ensue. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO HAVE YOUR CHARACTER COME IN, COMMENT, THREADJACK AND ETC!

threads broken down by day below! )


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