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Who: Mikasa Ackerman [[personal profile] kampfend] and Arisato Minato [[personal profile] jivitadana]
Where: The Mansion Grounds, anywhere but inside
When: Saturday, November 22 then subsequently Saturday, November 29
Rating: [11/22] PG-13 to R for death | [11/29] G to PG for conversation
Summary: Mikasa and Minato end up fighting thanks to the event. Then they end up finding each other later and discussing it.
The Story: ... One is always aware that it lies in wait )
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Who: Armin Arlert and YOU
Where: All over the Mansion
When: Beginning on the 20th, all through the event
Rating: R for some crazy ass hallucinations
Summary: Armin has died in Wonderland, and now suffering the effects
The Story: Every book is read and I'm paralyzed. Every fist is clenched, but I'm so tired )
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Who: Levi, his odd little family, Eren's friends, and you
Where: Storybrooke
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG-13 will update
Summary: Levi is married, Eren is his son, what can go wrong?
The Story: It's one....happy family )
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Who: Allison Argent ([personal profile] driven), Annabeth Chase ([personal profile] oikodomae) Mikasa Ackerman ([personal profile] kampfend) and you!
Where: all around Wonderland Storybrooke!
When: the event!
Rating:PG-13 for safety reasons?
Summary: catch-all event log! feel free to latch onto a starter or to make your own.
The Story: once upon a midnight dreary.....wait. wrong story. )
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Who: The Attack on Titan cast and YOU!
When: Sunday, August 31st to Thursday, September 4th
Rating: Variable!
Summary: The Attack on Titan cast decides to make their own caravan. Hijinks ensue. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO HAVE YOUR CHARACTER COME IN, COMMENT, THREADJACK AND ETC!

threads broken down by day below! )
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Who: Mikasa and Various
Where: All around Wonderland
When: backdated 7/17
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After waking up with memories she shouldn't have, Mikasa needs answers. Primarily: what is a Wonderland, why is she in it, and where's Eren.
The Story: the last thing she remembers is eren in a hospital bed )

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Jul. 14th, 2014 09:58 pm
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Who: Mikasa Ackerman and YOU!
Where: Festival, dance, around the school grounds, etc.
When: the event!
Rating: let's say PG-13 to be safe!
Summary: Mikasa has come to visit her half-brother Eren's school festival. Catch-all for a couple of scenarios!
The Story: Mikasa is no strange to the school grounds... )


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