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Who: Sokka ([personal profile] sarcasmbend ) and Zuko ([personal profile] whatturmoil )
Where: The campfire for a while, and then the forest
When: Backdated to the first day of the event because Lo and I are always sick, a few minutes after Katara leaves the campfire
Rating: PG (just out of the pure awkward)
Summary: Once Aang and Katara are gone, of course everything gets weird again.
The Story: Can you feel the awkward tonight? )
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Who: Aang [personal profile] aangairnomad, Katara [personal profile] tobendthetide, Sokka [personal profile] sarcasmbend, and Zuko [personal profile] whatturmoil
Where: Starting from the ninth floor hallway and going from there.
When: Sunday, February 26th
Rating: PG, PG-13 just to be safe
Summary: Now that Aang has arrived in Wonderland, it's time for a reunion.

Even though he technically hadn't been away from them for long, he missed them already. )

Sex Ed 102

Feb. 13th, 2012 08:39 pm
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Who: Zuko, Sokka, Dave, John, Santana, Bro (aka Santana and a bunch of dicks)
Where: Tearoom
When: Valentines Day Unattached Drifter Christmas
Rating: PG-13 + for Dave's mouth on certain anatomy and sex ed
Summary: Sokka will know the strength of Zuko’s hammer. The hammer is his penis.
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Who: Dave, Lithuania, Poland, Sokka, Kurt, and Zuko.
Where: Their room, the halls, or even the hot springs.
When: The entire event.
Rating: PG+ [Will update if needed.]
Summary: SHENANIGANS. Alternate titles include: In Which Everyone is a Third Wheel and Dies Inside, That One Event no one Ever Spoke of Again, and In Which Zuko Throws Bitchfits At Basically Everyone.
The Story:This is clearly the best roomie arrangement ever. )

[OOC: Okay. Each character should have their own thread to keep this from being completely chaotic!]
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Who: Terezi, Dave, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Sollux, Feferi, Puck, John, Hibari, Jade, Bro, Mark, Rei
Where: All over the goddamn place.
When: Between 28th-1st
Rating: Really, really, really unpleasant.
Summary: Terezi and Dave fuck shit up, the novel. If you interact with either of them during this event, it's going to happen in this log. I'll put up threads for each interaction.
The Story: anything please, except for defeat )


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