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Who: Neophyte Reglare and anyone getting ambushed.
Where: All around the mansion
When: Few days Post-event
Rating: I'll say PG-13 until further notice.
Summary: Reglare is kicking down doors, dropping down from ceilings, and generally interrogating people about their whereabouts during the event last week. However, kicking down door is also how she greets people normally, so she may just be popping by to say hello.
The Story: where did we go right? everywhere apparently. )
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Who: Poland and anybody who might take offense to him
Where: Anywhere
When: Anytime over the weekend
Rating: Tentatively PG-13 to R
Summary: Have you done something to hurt Poland, or worse, something to hurt Lithuania that Poland knows about? Or, perhaps, are you upset that he's been ignoring you lately? Are you annoyed by cross-dressing, Catholicism, ponies, and/or Valspeak? Then this is the place to settle that shit.
The Story: Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did! )
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Who: Dave, Lithuania, Poland, Sokka, Kurt, and Zuko.
Where: Their room, the halls, or even the hot springs.
When: The entire event.
Rating: PG+ [Will update if needed.]
Summary: SHENANIGANS. Alternate titles include: In Which Everyone is a Third Wheel and Dies Inside, That One Event no one Ever Spoke of Again, and In Which Zuko Throws Bitchfits At Basically Everyone.
The Story:This is clearly the best roomie arrangement ever. )

[OOC: Okay. Each character should have their own thread to keep this from being completely chaotic!]
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Who: Kurt, Santana, Alto, Poland, Lithuania, Puck, Dean, Dave, Feferi Liza Minnelli, Sokka, Shannon, aaaaaaaand anyone else who wants show up.
Where: Tea Room on the first floor
When: Sometime after Kurt's post inviting everyone
Rating: G. Maybe PG if any adults start cursing or anything.
Summary: Kurt's going to have the best tea party.
The Story: Even if no one will let him near a kettle )
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Who: Poland and ???
Where: Out on the mansion grounds
When: 10/7
Rating: Probably PG at most
Summary: Poland's having a bit of trouble dealing with Liet's departure, but at least the revolution has pushed him into accepting it enough to leave the room now and then. Progress?
The Story: ...Lonesome would mean nothing to me at all. )
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Who: Bagheera ([ profile] nomansplaything) and anyone who wants to take him on!
Where: Various places in and around the mansion.
When: Any time during this event.
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Summary: Bagheera will be hiding in various places and pouncing on whoever walks by... >:]

The Story:

No one should ever underestimate a leopard's sense of self preservation. )
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Who: Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle) and Benny Stango ([ profile] playingbadcop
Where: On school grounds someplace. But not in class. If Poland were in class, we wouldn't be here, now would we?
When: RIGHT NOW I guess.
Rating: I'm guessing PG for mild swearing at worst.
Summary: Poland is truant. Benny is the truancy officer. Benny attempts to harass Poland back to class.
The Story: we don't need no education... )


Feb. 9th, 2011 09:22 pm
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Who: Kura and Poland
When: Dawn
Where: The roof
Rating: PG-13?
Plot: Kura and Poland have an argument, and decide on a duel when spouses get insulted...

Read more... )
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Who: [ profile] timisnotme  Masky, [ profile] reckless_eagle Poland, [ profile] last_liar Yuu, [ profile] not_loud Loud Howard, [ profile] angel_junk Dr. Bhamba, [ profile] born_from_mist Vivi, [ profile] two_in_eden Seimei, [ profile] tadanokusuriuri  the Medicine Seller , [ profile] paper_knight Mark Meltzer
Where: The Mansion and Forest
When: Wednesday, 2/2
Rating: PG-13 due to graphic violence
Summary: A certain minion only knows how to deal with anger through violence.

Story:  (Smile for Death) )
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Who: Everyone [OPEN]
Where The Ballroom
When: December 18th, 6PM-midnight (oocly however long you want to keep logging)
Rating: Well gosh, that really depends on you folks and how you behave, doesn’t it? I’m going to tentatively guess PG-13 though.
Summary: The mansion's decided to throw you all a party out of the goodness of its heart. You know, if it has one. This is the open log for the Jingle Bell Rock portion of the event!
the Story: What a bright time; it’s the right time to rock the night away! )
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Who: Tim ([ profile] timisnotme ), Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle ), and Ellis ([ profile] boutthisonetime )
Where: Kitchen
When: After Rescuing Ellis from the Closet
Rating: PG for alcoholic content
Summary: What better way to welcome a new resident than getting good and drunk?

Welcome to the Mansion! Have some beers... )
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Who: Elaine ([ profile] demiurgos_girl), The Major ([ profile] letztesmajor), Angel ([ profile] talks_to_fish), Rei ([ profile] second_first), Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle), Aang ([ profile] sweetlittleguy).
Where: The Nazi Zeppelin
When: During the Major's event.
Rating: PG (Usual warnings concerning the Major apply.)
Summary: The Major has kidnapped Angel and is proceeding with his usual evil experiments. Elaine flies up to the Zeppelin to save her.
the Story: Ashes to ashes and dust to dust; If God won't have you, the devil must. )
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Who: Lithuania ([ profile] watchful_knight) and Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle)
Where The kitchen
When: The evening of August 9th (backdated roughly 2 days)
Rating: PG-ish, probably?
Summary: After meeting each other's mirrors, Poland and Lithuania were avoiding each other. Now Poland's looking for Lithuania so they can talk things through; finally, he gives up and ambushes him in the kitchen. More or less.
the Story: Any kind of fool could see there was something in everything about you... )
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Who: Mirror Elaine ([ profile] wrath_or_fury) and Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle)
Where: The real side.
When: During the all out mirror mania.
Rating: PG-ish (jsut to be safe)
Summary: Mirror-Elaine decides that Poland needs to learn all about Elaine's relationship with the devil.
the Story: The devil you know, and the one you don't )
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Who: The Queen of Hearts [[ profile] onlyredroses] and her criminals (Alex [[ profile] 40410], Canada [[ profile] unseen_maple], Jack Ryan [[ profile] kindly_done], Poland [[ profile] reckless_eagle], and Rachel [[ profile] dontrainonmy]
Where On the mirror side, in an isolated room.
When: Sunday the 18th to Monday the 19th. Time is funny like that.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: Five innocent citizens of Wonderland have found themselves under arrest for really stupid things! What does the Queen have planned for them?
the Story: Something horrible, of course. )
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Who: Mirror!Poland and OPEN
Where All around the real side of the mansion
When: July 18th
Rating: Rated R+ for M!Pol. I think we all know why. Specific warnings for sexual content, non-con, violence, bondage, dubcon, and M!Pol being a big enough bitch to make Nai cry on purpose. Did I miss any?
Summary: On Her Majesty's orders, Mirror Poland crosses over to the real side in order to send Poland to the mirror side. And while he's here, he's got permission to enjoy himself...
the Story: You give love a bad name )
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Where: Chessboard Hills
When: Afternoon
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Ryuho is out practicing and meets Poland
the Story: Read more... )
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Who: Lithuania ([ profile] watchful_knight), Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle), and open to those with invitations.
Where The tearoom nearest the library.
When: From 3 in the afternoon, on Saturday, the 6th of June (backdated slightly).
Rating: PG.
Summary: Poland and Lithuania formalize their intent to wed. This involves a party, natch.
the Story: Say, how about you and me form a union? )
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Who: Lithuania ([ profile] watchful_knight) and Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle).
Where The woods.
When: Saturday, May 29th, mid-afternoon.
Rating: PG-13 at the very highest.
Summary: Poland and Lithuania go out berry-picking and discuss their upcoming nuptials.
the Story: The fundamentals still apply as time goes by )
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Who: Pakistan ([ profile] pakisunotpaku), Lithuania ([ profile] watchful_knight), and Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle).
Where In the gardens.
When: Near the beginning of the fairy wings curse.
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: The Poland <-> Lithuania <-> Pakistan love triangle is out in the open now, and it's high time they all held a summit to discuss their respective national interests talked it out. Like grown-ups, ideally, but with Poland and Pakistan involved, that seems a bit overly optimistic.
the Story: So, uh, we have to talk. )
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Who: Pakistan ([ profile] pakisunotpaku) and Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle).
Where Pakistan's room.
When: After Liet gets hit by a car and gets a haircut and a costume change dies tragically, before the end of Korea's event.
Rating: PG for event-induced melodrama and mild violence?
Summary: Poland goes to tell Pakistan of Lithuania's unfortunate demise. It doesn't go so hot.
the Story: Bitch, I'll scratch your eyes out! )
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Who: Lithuania ([ profile] watchful_knight) and Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle).
Where In their room (5-69)
When: Late in the day on Easter, after this thread.
Rating: PG-13 for extreme sexual frustration! And Liet jumping to conclusions about why Poland doesn't want to be touched.
Summary: The Major decided to mess with Poland's head by sending him anonymous chocolates full of aphrodisiacs. Awkwardness and confusion ensue!
the Story: And I just can't contain... )
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Who: [ profile] reckless_eagle and [ profile] bishonen_puu
Where The Vendors
When: March 21st
Rating: G-ish
Summary: Two blonds go vendor hopping for this and that.
the Story: Negligee shopping ftw )


Mar. 13th, 2010 08:57 am
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Who: Poland [[ profile] reckless_eagle] and Ryohei [[ profile] kyokugen_sun]
Where: A tearoom
When: March 12...sometime
Rating: PG?
Summary: Ryohei talks to Poland. Because Poland is awesome. And not deaf.
the Story: The rating is for the epic description of extreme punching. o9 )
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Who: Lithuania [ profile] watchful_knight & Poland [ profile] reckless_eagle
Where: Liet's dream & his and Poland's room
When: After the event
Rating: PG-13 for boys kissing and a very tame making-out (both dream-induced and because of that maybe slightly ooc)
Summary: Liet has a wet dream starring his best friend. Angst ensues.
the Story: He knew this field, had been here before. )
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Who: Sasagawa Ryohei ([ profile] kyokugen_sun) and Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle).
Where The kitchen.
When: In the evening after Liet, Paku, Poland, and Wolfram's double date.
Rating: PG-13 for underage drinking and Poland dressing up pretty to feel better?
Summary: Two boys with boy problems meet, drink, and are EXTREME and FAB.
the Story: Trying to drown those sorrows, it ain't as easy as they think... )


Feb. 26th, 2010 09:45 pm
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Who: Poland (& Wolfram?), Lithuania & Pakistan
Where a tearoom
When: before the event
Rating: PG? idk what Poland will do but Liet and Paku are as G as a date can be.
Summary: what the title says
the Story: The date )
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Who: Sakura [[ profile] contractrelease] and others who want to come and help make chocolate.
Where Kitchen!
When: February 13th
Rating: G :| because seriously, it's chocolate.
Summary: Everyone wants to make chocolate, so they meet in the kitchen.
the Story: I'm not very interesting. )
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Who: Belkar Bitterleaf ([ profile] shoelessdeath) and Poland ([ profile] reckless_eagle).
Where The roof.
When: The evening of Saturday, February 13th.
Rating: PG(-13?) for violence, mild profanity, and Belkar?
Summary: Belkar made fun of Poland's gender issues, and Poland made fun of Belkar's height. Now, it's time for some good, old-fashioned, trap vs. midget halfling beatdown!
the Story: And if your lame ass had any friends, I'd kick their asses, too~ )


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