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Who: Gamzee Makara [livejournal.com profile] messiahisme & Russia [livejournal.com profile] sunflowersunday
Where: Hallways
When: Backdated during the event.
Rating: Rated LOSTARC for stupidity.
Summary: Gamzee and Russia are deaf, so in a touching tale of love- Gamzee dresses as a tree. And so a communist love story begins.
The Story: click here to view bullshit )
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Who: Kurt, Russia, Latvia, America, and anyone else involved in the 'beating'.
Where In Kurt's room, first floor, room 10.
When: Right after receiving the 'heads up' from Austria.
Summary: Russia exists and is harassing one of America's citizens. In return, America will make sure Russia's nose stays broken.
the Story: Comin' again to save the mother fuckin' day! )
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Who: Russia and whoever wanted to kill him and wants to join this log
Where: Outside
When: During the Russia event
Summary: To anyone who wants to kill Russia: croquet match. Here and now. By the way, caps not required, Linda and I are just retards.
the Story: behold the laziest start to any log ever )
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Who: Russia and Prussia
Where: EVERYWHERE idk, the random room next to Prussia and Germany that Russia is staying in
When: Shortly after the Hungary plague had ended
Rating: I DON'T KNOW
Summary: DEADLIEST WARRIOR IRA VS TALIBAN why do I have to be Taliban goddamn it
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Who:Dean Winchester [[livejournal.com profile] viva_la_impala],Rizelle [[livejournal.com profile] marionetteweb],Russia [[livejournal.com profile] sunflowersunday],Nikki [[livejournal.com profile] rvolutionaryboy],Saffron[[livejournal.com profile] cunningcleavage] and Anyone Else Who Shows Up
WhereThe Main Foyer/Hall
When:During all the Hullabaloo
Rating:R for mouths,mirrors,and violence [preemptive]
Summary:Dean is holding down the fort, Mad Martigan style.
the Story: It's not Magic. It's just shiney! )
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Who: Germany ([profile] mashespotatoes) and Russia ([personal profile] sunflowersunday)
Where Main Hall
When: July 30, at 5 AM
Rating: PG? PG-13?
Summary: Russia wants to be repaid for the debts Prussia owes him so Germany offers to pay instead.
the Story: Oh, how the hard the fall from glory can be.  )
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Where The ballroom courtroom
When: July 14th
Rating: Gonna call it PG-13 to be safe.
the Story: The story so far )

[ooc: Hello again! Everyone is welcome to continue their threads from the previous post, and we highly encourage it (in fact, the main story still has threads continuing over there). This post is for day two of the proceedings. Again, please feel free to cause a commotion in the peanut gallery! All posts after this one will be considered to be after the trial. There will be a final summary posted tomorrow night, along with the queen’s final ruling. Have fun everyone! This event has been going great!]
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Who: Aziraphale [profile] dusty_divinity and Russia [personal profile] sunflowersunday
Where: The Kitchen
When: Pre-trial
Rating: PG-13 because it's Russia, man.
Summary: The Angel and the Country meet and have beverages
The Log: Lines of Communication )
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Where The ballroom courtroom
When: July 13th
Rating: Gonna call it PG-13 to be safe.
the Story: The scene of the crime )

[ooc: There will be two sections to this trial post - the main story and the audience interactions. Everyone can see and hear across the mirrors, so have fun with that! Cause some mischief if you desire, talk to that person sitting next to you, shout over at the mirrors, have fun! Feel free to Action-thread if you would prefer that to logging in 3rd Person, but either is acceptable. The main storyline will also be split into threads, that way if someone is not there immediately, players may continue to another section. The witness testimonials will be today, unless either witness would prefer it be moved to Tuesday's half. Any posts after this log are considered to be in-between the two days, during the recess. HAVE FUN GUYS]
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Who: Prussia ([livejournal.com profile] schwarzenadler) and Russia ([livejournal.com profile] sunflowersunday)
Where The main entrance to the mansion
When: Afternoon-ish, Valentine's Day
Rating: R for language and violence
Summary: Russia comes to take East Germany back into the Soviet fold.
the Story: Time for some Soviet reeducation. )


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