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Who: Hajime and Ivanova
Hajime's place
When: Sunday night
Ivanova goes to talk to Hajime about the last event
The Story:
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Who: Ivanova, OPEN
Where: Ivanova's Bar
When: Thursday
Rating: PG13?
Summary: Ivanova has decided that there needs to be a place where grown ups can get together, seeing how most of Wonderland consists of teenagers.

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Who: (Currently) "Philip", Jay, Susan Ivanova, Sora and A.X.L. Pendergast
Where: Philip's room, then random corridor, then Philip's room again
When: Today
Rating: R-ish
Summary: Clarence wants to go home. Hailing a cab didn't work and the bus is late again, so there's really only one thing left to do; call up some friends, tie them to a bunch of large, alien crystals and kill them in order to open a portal to another dimension.

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[[ OOC: Prose entirely optional. New abductees still welcome. ]]
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Where Watch room
When: Friday
Rating: PG
Summary: The neighborhood watch meeting
the Story:
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Who: All Residents of the Mansion
Where: At the Mansion's newly-acquired fairgrounds.
When: From the evening of December 31st until January 4th. ♥
Rating: PG
Summary: Tonight's going to be a good, good night~!
the Story:
The fairgrounds that have been set up on Wonderland's beach is a festive thing, full of sound and noise and light. Stalls have popped up everywhere, and the grounds are bustling with activity. There's a lot to explore for the casual thrill-seeker, and something to suit everyone's taste. The fair's opening hours run from the afternoon and well on to the wee hours of the morning, the bright lights and glittering attractions stark against the dark sky.

Aside from the vendor and prize stalls and the big top, there are also a number of carnival rides: a dinky ferris wheel, a short, looping roller coaster and even a swing ride, all running at speeds that can leave you breathless-- or ill.

Don't worry about having to take everything in at once, children: the party's bound to last a long time. Come in and lose yourselves a little, because it's a new year and you've earned it. ♥

[ ooc: As always, this is an open log! However, as there are specific events (fireworks, the circus show, other special encounters) they'll be given their own separate thread. The event runs over a couple of days, so just make sure to indicate if an independent thread is open, closed, and if necessary, what day it occurs on. Thanks for your cooperation~ ♥ Of course, you can also choose to start your own closed log! ]


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