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Who: Claire Bennet, Tom Hanniger, America, Jo Harvelle, Jack Wynand, and Daryl Dixon.
Where: All over the mansion
When: Day 1-3 of the event!
Rating: we'll stick with a general suitable for all audiences with some slight violence
Summary: Claire's been turned into a little test subject and is afraid of everything ever. She runs into people. Stuff happens. And things.
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Who: Traveler [personal profile] screeee and Jack [personal profile] whatseparates
Where: Gardens
When: August 17, during the alternate choice AU event
Rating: PG-13-R for gore - this is going to get messy.
Summary: AU Jack ate a few people that AU Traveler cared about, and she figures being lonely is no reason to not avenge the people she had a hivemind with loved. However, Jack isn't your average Splicer...

The Story: It's All So Quiet But I Can't Forget The Sound )
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Who: Jack Wynand ([personal profile] whatseparates) and Augustus Sinclair ([personal profile] worldentire)
Where: Sinclair's room.
When: Not long after event end.
Rating: PG-13 for possible language
Summary: After taking his sweet time processing the information, Jack decides to confront Sinclair about the whole plasmid business.
The Story: play the scientist and vandal, sweating either way )
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Who: Jack Wynand and mirror!Mark Meltzer
Where: Starting in the hallway outside Jack's room, eventually moving on to the door
When: Right now, during the event, with the Bandersnatch running about
Rating: PG? Possible swearing.
Summary: Two men from opposite sides of the looking glass strike a dangerous bargain.
The Story: i've pencil-sketched the scene; it's feeling byzantine )
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Who: Jack and Chell
Where: Rooftop
When: Around midnight--between the 28th and 29th
Rating: PG-13 for...grossness? Potential body horror.
Summary: Jack and Chell finally have their date...only to be interrupted when the event hits.
The Story: you tried. )
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Who: Jack and Chell
Where: Chell's room
When: Once Jack resurrects after the event
Rating: Probably PG
Summary: A confused Jack visits Chell after he comes back to life
The Story: are we just two wrongs, trying to make it right )
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Who: Jack Wynand [personal profile] whatseparates and Chell [personal profile] donttestme (with special guests Mark Meltzer [personal profile] paper_knight and Mirror!Chell [personal profile] testmetestmetestme!)
Where: Chell’s room, basement, and then god knows where else
When: Sometime during the christmas event
Rating: PG-13? (we're not kidding about the puppy thing)
Summary: Chell and Jack talk about their weird keys and the weird doors, and then Chell shows off a weird gun, and then maybe they’ll explore some weird memories.
The Story: Boy, uh, our memory lane is a real fixer-upper, huh? )


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