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Who: Alex Kralie ([livejournal.com profile] 40410), Philip ([livejournal.com profile] sadfreezingbrit) and Dr Sofia Lamb ([livejournal.com profile] echo_of_utopia)
Where: Mainly the beach
When: Starting late morning of the 10th, five days after this
Rating: PG, PG-13
Summary: Two birds with one stone! Alex is invited outside for a walk by Philip (who is definitely still Philip by the time of the invitation) and meets the good doctor for a chat later on.
The Story:

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Who: Yuu, Alex, Santana, Lamb, Mark (OR IS IT?), Izaya, maybe Minato and anyone else who gets invited
Where: An empty first-floor room
When: The first day of the event
Summary: Teaming up stands a chance of protecting people from the wolves... right?
The Story: There's a room on the first floor that has been commandeered, folks. Commandeered for the good of the illustrious gentlemen listed above.

Only some of whom actually know each other.

One TWO of whom are crazed murderers.

...This could be a fraught five days.

Incidentally, as of the first thread, there's now a mutilated corpse adorning the floor just inside the door. You know how it is. Can't get the cleaning staff these days.
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Who: [livejournal.com profile] hi_blog and his prey.
Where: All over
When: March 23rd
Rating: Violence and possible language
Summary: Hibari has returned and would like to show his appreciation for this upheaval to the residents of the mansion.
The Story: Volunteers from this post and any other late comers are encouraged to start their own threads. Hibari will be with you shortly. New references for weapons and abilities are available here.

Other residents not participating may still notice very large purple balls with spikes pushing through hallways/walls as he menaces his new/old home.
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Who: [livejournal.com profile] paper_knight and [livejournal.com profile] echo_of_utopia
Where: Lamb's practice
When: November 29th
Rating: PG-13 to be safe?
Summary: Mark asks Sofia about his future, her past.

So, about my little girl... )


Sep. 9th, 2010 02:36 pm
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Who: Gokudera [[livejournal.com profile] hurricanebomber] and Dr. Lamb [[livejournal.com profile] echo_of_utopia]
Where: 04-011, at least initially
When: 9/9, probably afternoonish
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gokudera bites the bullet.
the Story: Who didn't see this coming? )
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Who: Emma Pillsbury, Dr. Sofia Lamb and anyone who's insaneterested!
Where: Over the network and/or on the 4th floor, room 11
When: NOW!
Rating: G, if you all play nice. PG-13 for discussion of adult themes
Summary: A new video transmission appears on the network! It's the grand Lamb & Pillsbury joint practice opening! Hooray~!
the Story:
But maybe I'm crazy | Maybe you're crazy | Maybe we're crazy | Probably~ )

[[ OOC: Feel free to reply to either of them (at the corresponding thread) via the network or come see them at their new practice. There will be a small waiting room and two doors with their names on it, so take your pick! ]]
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Who: [livejournal.com profile] thinkin_man, [livejournal.com profile] echo_of_utopia and [livejournal.com profile] worldentire
Where Lamb's room
When: Last night!
Rating: Well, PG at first. Not sure where it'll go after that.
Summary: Sinclair and Delta decide they need some answers.
the Story: because, all along, we've been going in the same direction. )
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Who: Alex Kralie and Sofia Lamb
Where: Alex's room
When: Monday sometime
Rating: PG-Plasmid for pla-- oh, I already made that joke.
Summary: A visit which will no doubt be an unpleasant discovery.
the Story:

Ah, but no-one can stare at the wall as good as you, my baby doll. )
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Who: Benny Stango ([livejournal.com profile] playingbadcop) and mirror!Lamb ([livejournal.com profile] screamsofutopia)
Where Stango's room
When: Sunday evening
Rating: That just depends on how much Stango struggles, won't it? PG-13 for swearing, abuse of fictional drugs and possibly a little friendly violence.
Summary: Doctor Sofia "MUAHAHAHAHA SNAKES!" Lamb from behind the mirror didn't quite leave a favourable impression on Benny Stango during their first meeting. Now she feels the need to make up for it with a parting gift.

the Story: Tonight I am the drug you can't deny~ )
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Who: Mirror!Lamb [livejournal.com profile] screamsofutopia and Sinclair [livejournal.com profile] worldentire
Where For him, his room. For her, the other side of the mirror.
When: A day or two after this happens.
Rating: uhh... We'll say PG13. I can't imagine it getting too bad.
Summary: Sinclair investigates the bleeding mirror.
the Story: These lazy days are way too long, like razor blades under your tongue. )


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