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Who: Big Sister ([personal profile] screeee)and YOU!
Where: The beach.
When: Saturday afternoon, evening, or night.
Rating: PG? (Unless anyone wants to be mauled by sharks, ahah)
Summary: Traveler Liddell has always been one of the odd members of the family. Er. Odder members of the family?

Anyway. Some of her "family members" might remember her being really quiet, but intense. Some may be aware of how suddenly her emotions can flip (to anger, usually). And some of them may recall that she is very protective over her family. She takes the responsibility of looking after her family members seriously, especially the more vulnerable ones. If you ever needed someone to retrieve something stolen or, something off, or just stand guard and look scary, all with no questions asked, then she's someone you could call on.

Outside of the family, she spent a lot of time in the ocean diving. The mansion here has a beach, so she can be found hanging around the shore, off the docks, or having a swim in the water. Sometimes, she makes sandcastles. Which might be the best place to join her, as there seems to be an unusual amount of sharks in the water today...

The Story: Shark bait hoo ha ha )
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who | Abby + YOU
where | various locations
when | May 5th
rating | PG-13(ish)? Maybe? Will change if necessary.
summary | Abby decides to break from her routine.
the story |
She isn't looking for trouble but, well, if it comes calling she isn't going to object. )
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Who: Traveler [personal profile] screeee as a little sister and YOU! (and at various points, Agent Washington [personal profile] notthesecondworstfighter and Mark Meltzer[personal profile] paper_knight)
Where: Playground, mansion halls.
When: 20th and a few days after it. Conceivably any time though, because Traveler loves reliving the good years.
Rating: PG

There's a new little girl in Wonderland. There's lots of little girls in Wonderland now, of course, but this one's features are unfamiliar. Which is too bad, because it looks like she could use a familiar face. Her dress is ripped and bloody and dirty... )

Playground )

Mansion )

((Replies will come from [personal profile] wheresmrb!))
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Who: Traveler [personal profile] screeee, Mark [personal profile] paper_knight (Closed)
Where: The Pool
When: The 6th, or two days after this log
Rating: idk PG?
Summary: Mark is shockingly not happy with the Traveler and her attempts to bring him to Rapture.

The Story: Scarring Faces Once Adored )
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Who: Hector Barbossa and you.
Where: The mines.
When: The duration of the event! There here is a catch-all for Hector.
Rating: PG-13 for pirates being pirates.
Summary: Hector's catch-all, featuring some of your favorites like Jack Sparrow, Ellen Harvelle, and more! All days open except Day 5 (obviously), which is closed to Jack Sparrow.
The Story: We're rascals, we're scoundrels; we're villians and knaves - Day One )

Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho! - Day Two )

We're devils and black sheep, we're really bad eggs - Day Three )

Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho! - Day Four )

We kindle and char and inflame and ignite - Day Five (Closed to Jack Sparrow.) )

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Who: The ominous armoured thing - the Big Sister, and whatever strange soul decides to tag in!
Where: Various locations in the City of Wonderland, including but not limited to: orphanages, toy stores, dark back-alleys, the docks, the streets around shifty pharmaceutical companies, buildings where totally legit and not human-rights-violating science goes down
When: Traveler catch-all post during the event!
Rating: Anywhere between PG-13 and straight R since Traveler's existence alone would make the comics code weep.
Summary: Big Sister is lonely. She kidnapped found some friends! And brings them home! But then someone took her friends away. Big Sister is angry now, and she's searching for something.
The Story:

Not long ago, she happily leaped and climbed around the city, like it was her playground. Yes, she had to avoid the people in colourful clothes, and some of the people who lurked fearlessly in the dark spots, even the ones who smelled special, but she could handle that, effortlessly. She was busy more with maintaining her home - keeping it welcoming and hidden was hard work!

But then, even less long ago, she came home to an empty nest. They were gone! They were gone! The charges she had collected, new sisters and brothers - they were gone!

Someone had taken them.

And she was going to find who.

Night 1 - thefts and 'lighthearted' stuff )

Days 2, 3, etc - some EC shit right here )

((ooc: Because I'm never overextended enough, here's a catchall post for Traveler! The first one is a little less bloody in case some of the less-grim superheroes of Wonderland want to run into her.

As for the rest, she's killing people connected to "Fontaine Futuristics", a company that dabbled in a bit of human experimentation in their scientific advancements. But hey, they made superpowers! That's worth it, right? Crime-wise, Traveler is not exactly a super-crafty villian - most of her victims she either shanks in the street, or follows them home and really unsubtly breaks in and does it there. They never really taught her about morals or laws in the laboratories, you may have noticed.

Ultimately Mr. Comics Code Mark's gonna run into her for some shenanigans though, for when she actually finds where the old research team moved to.]]
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Who: Doctor Whale and you?
Where: the docks
When: evening. So now, I guess
Rating: I have no idea but it's Whale, so I'll play it safe and go PG-13
Summary: after the last event, Whale thinks about things
The Story: We are the sum of our choices )
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Who: Traveler [personal profile] screeee and Jack [personal profile] whatseparates
Where: Gardens
When: August 17, during the alternate choice AU event
Rating: PG-13-R for gore - this is going to get messy.
Summary: AU Jack ate a few people that AU Traveler cared about, and she figures being lonely is no reason to not avenge the people she had a hivemind with loved. However, Jack isn't your average Splicer...

The Story: It's All So Quiet But I Can't Forget The Sound )


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