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Who: Kurt Weller & Ray Palmer
Where: The lake!
When: 13-Sep
Rating: PG
Summary: Ray has a Very Big Question to ask his girlfriend's brother.
The Story: just wait and see )
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Who: Sarah Weller and you!
Where: Outside around the grounds, inside briefly
When: Post-event
Rating: G? Will edit if needed
Summary: Sarah is using Ray's suit to fly and shrink herself. Fun happens.
The Story: Any happy little thought? )
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Who: Claire Fraser and you, all of you!
Where: A network post + the clinic, greenhouse, library, and grounds
When: Beginning of August!
Rating: Can't see it being more than a low-grade PG, will change or content warn if needed.
Notes: Brackets or prose, will match!
Summary: Claire is setting out to make sure Wonderland is covered medically.
The Story: sing me a song. )


Hello, Wonderland. I've attached a list of names to this message for people who have volunteered to be emergency contacts should the need for healing arise. However, I would like to see if anyone else would be interested, specifically non-magical healers. As we experienced with the last event, magic isn't always working or at full power, and the closets may not give us the medical supplies we need. If you're interested, please let me know either via return message or by coming to the clinic. I'll be here for a little while today.

Also, anyone interested in learning some home remedies or what to do if someone's injured or ill and there are no medical supplies or magic on hand is free to let me know. I know more than one person has expressed interest already, and honestly, in a place like this, you can never tell what knowledge might come in useful.

back to location tags-ins! )
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Who: Michonne + you!
Where: Around ~town
When: Mid-June
Rating: Possibly PG-13 if we get into mentions of character death/zombie shenanigans
Summary: Michonne's coming out of her room. Everyone happy now?
Note: Will match brackets or prose!
The Story: trapped trapped trapped 'til the cage is full. )

Network post - voice;

For anyone who knew Andrea, she's gone, left for good. Just thought the people she knew would want to know.

Before you ask - I'll be fine. I am fine.
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Who: Ray Palmer and Sarah Weller as your hosts, Jane and Kurt Weller as the couple being honored, and all of their friends!
Where: The ballroom
When: Friday, June 9, from 7 p.m.-midnight
Rating: If you go over PG, header warning!
Summary: Jane and Kurt got married at home and so clearly Sarah needs to throw them a wedding reception.
The Story: I didn't mean to fall in love. But then you smiled and I blew it. )
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Who: The ARRIVAL of Claire Fraser, the assistance of Anders, and you as she explores.
Where: First, the gardens. Then exploring.
When: The week of May 8th.
Rating: PGish? Will update if needed
Summary: Claire arrives and Anders is there to fix her injuries with magic herbs. no, not those magic herbs. Then, she wanders dressed in nothing but the remains of the bottom of a dress and an oversized tartan kilt cinched with a belt because lol what is magic.
Notes: Will match bracket or prose! If you'd like a specific starter, ping me on plurk @ [ profile] propernice
The Story: I seem to have fallen through time. )

I feel very much the stranger in a strange land. - OTA )
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Who: HG Wells + Jane Foster / HG Wells + OPEN
Where: Multiple locations
When: April 25
Rating: PG
Summary: Helena's new to the mansion and doesn't react well + later exploring
The Story: and to their )
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Who: Peter Parker/Spider-man and You
Where: Wonderland
When: during event
Rating: R for death
Summary: Spider-man writes a network post about invisible alligators, tries to save as many people as possible from invisible zombies, witnesses an alternate version of himself, and then dies at the end of the event.
The Story:
you will not see me fall nor see me struggle to stand )
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Where: Wonderland and adjacent dimensions!
When: Friday, April 21st to Monday, April 24th
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A place to list your tears throughout the event, and describe the worlds that can be seen or accessed through them. Event Post.
The Story: That we don't know what hasn't been... )
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Who: Jane Doe and you
Where: Various places
When: Post event
Rating: PG to start, will change if higher.
Summary: I mean, it's Jane in various places plus a date w/Kurt idk what else to say so, lmao.
Notes: Will match prose or bracket!
The Story: Like a drifter I was born to walk alone. )
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Who: Kurt Weller + YOU
Where: All over Wonderland
When: April 5th (after the event) - April 15th
Rating: PG
Summary: Kurt gets a basketball court set up, enjoys some beer from home, teaches self-defense, and cooks up some cheesesteaks.
The Story: going down the only road I've ever known )

[ if you want to hit Kurt up somewhere else, just send me a pm or hit me up on plurk: [ profile] cityoflight ]
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Who: Newt and YOU
Where: The Citadel
When: all through the event
Rating: PG
Summary: Innocent Hufflepuff is innocent... also drives for the first time
The Story: Just a Smidge )
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Who: Commander Shepard and YOU! (+semi-closed prompt for CR)
Where: All over the Citadel
When: During the Citadel Event! (April 1st-4th)
Rating: PG-13 for guns and swears, mostly
Summary: Shepard's home, and she knows it's temporary, but she's gonna live it up while she's got it.
The Story: we got nowhere else to go )
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Who: EVERYONE, but especially you!
Where: Wonderland Ballroom
When: New Year's Eve
Rating: PG - PG13 (will change if applicable)
Summary: New Year's Eve Party
The Story:

[The morning of December 31st, all residents will receive a handwritten invitation slipped under their door.]

You are cordially invited to attend a party
celebrating the New Year

Wonderland Ballroom
8 pm - 1 am

Semi-Formal Attire
Buffet & Bar
No RSVP Required

All Ages Welcome

For inquiries, contact E. O'Connell

Sing Auld Lang Syne )
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Where: Your dreams!
When: December 15th - December 25th, whenever a character is asleep.
Rating: PG-13 (Warn if Higher)
Summary: A catch-all for everyone's mysterious alternate Wonderland dreams!
The Story: Just like the ones I used to know. )
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Who: Jane Doe + You!
Where: Tattoo parlor, gym, coffee shop
When: Around December
Rating: PG? Can't see it going higher but will edit if needed
Summary: Jane inks people, works out, gets coffee. Will match prose or brackets!
The Story: Nothing is more dangerous. )
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Who: Professor Kurt Weller + YOU!
Where: Literally everywhere!
When: Throughout the event
Rating: Doubtful it would be higher than PG but will edit if needed
Summary: Professor Kurt Weller will be in his element teaching Charms class and assisting students after class who may need extra assistance; he will be enjoying some time at Hogsmeade; spending time in the common (he is Gryffindor Head of House); and for fun, there will be a movie marathon of the best muggle movies played on an old-fashioned projector!

The Story: the world is full of magic things )
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Who: Professor Jane Doe and you!
Where: All around Hogwarts/Hogsmeade/wherever!
When: All through the event
Rating: I can't see it going higher than PG? Will change if needed
Summary: Professor Doe has office hours, time spent in the common room, shopping at Hogsmeade and other places. If you want a specific starter I'm happy to toss a top-level up! just let me know either via PM or plurk @propernice. Also, prose or brackets, either way! Will adjust!
The Story: I gotta get myself to Hogwarts where everything is magic-coooooooool )
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Who: Michonne, Kurt Weller
Where: Bar
When: Aug 28
Rating: PG-13, could escalate. Talk of death, murder, murder-by-zombie
Summary: Kurt has some demons. Michonne does, too. So naturally: booze.
The Story: in a parallel universe they're a zombie apocalypse power couple. )
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Who: Jane Doe + Kurt Weller
Where: Kurt's Room
When: Aug 22
Rating: PG-13, could get up to R for death/language.
Summary: Jane died, and Kurt says he's fine, but he's not.
The Story: and I won't walk away. )


Aug. 21st, 2016 12:59 pm
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Who: Henry Mills and you
Where: Around the mansion
When: Aug 21
Rating: Probably no more than PG but if needed, will adjust.
Summary: Henry's been through it.
Note: Will match prose or brackets. If you'd like a specific starter in the comments, hit me up on plurk at [ profile] propernice
The Story: Henry's back and there's stuff. )
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Who: Jane Doe, Kurt Weller (closed) + an open section for YOU
Where: Around Genosha
When: Throughout the event
Rating: Ranging probably, will update as needed with any TWs.
Summary: Jane is a mutant, able to erase memories.
The Story: something about powers and responsibility. )
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Who: Maya Hart and you, perhaps? [Open to everyone. COME AT ME.]
Where: Moving around the hallways, eventually at the Entrance Hall
When: 8/1, all day
Rating: Probably G, maybe up to TV14 if things escalate.
Summary: Bored teenager is playing with spray paint. Where it goes from there depends on how your character feels about that.
The Story:

Your hands are free. You just think they're tied. )
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Who: River Tam and YOU
Where: Hallways surrounding the library, different one depending on the day
When: Throughout the first couple weeks of July
Rating: Uhhh PG? I'll update if anything happens
Summary: River hovers around the library and might even enter! Wow! But probably not. Also includes catch-all for anyone from the CR Meme (or otherwise) who needs to get ahold of her.
The Story: and crumble to a pile of dust and fertilize )
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Who: Jane Doe + YOU
Where: Different places in the mansion
When: 7-4 happy birthday 'murica but this has nothing to do with that.
Rating: PG but please warn for anything if that changes!
Summary: Jane's around, doing stuff. things. sparked by the CR meme!
The Story: wanderlust in the mansion. )
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Who: EVERYONE (if they want to live)
Where: EVERYWHERE (inside the mansion, knocking on doors)
When: 6/24 - 6/27
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: The Summerween Trickster has made his decree - Trick or treat...or die! This is a mingle log for Trick-or-Treating!
The Story: This is Summerween! This is Summerween! )

[ OPEN ]

Jun. 17th, 2016 09:21 pm
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Who: Kurt Weller + YOU
Where: Around the mansion
When: June 17 and beyond
Rating: PG (I think)
Summary: Broken, haunted emo FBI agent dealing with his emotional baggage. Come say hi! Get drunk or train at the gym with him. Or insist he just relax a little and have some pie. XD
The Story: life is not death, my dear, it requires some panache )
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Who: Caitlin Snow + Dorian Pavus; Caitlin + friends; Caitlin + YOU!
Where: Gardens, Library, Kitchen, Dining Room, Tea Room, etc
When: June 13 and beyond
Rating: PG-13; just to be safe, there may be intense imagery.
Summary: An already broken Caitlin arrives in Wonderland and is saddled with dealing with it and her baggage.
The Story: snap out of it, you're not listening to this. )
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Who: Jane Doe and OPEN
Where: Mansion grounds, around the mansion
When: May 30
Rating: PG, but could go up, will edit if needed
Summary: Jane arrives in Wonderland. SPOILERS FOR THE BLINDSPOT SEASON 1 FINALE.
The Story: it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah. )


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