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Who: Bela and Jesse
Where: In Bela's room
When: Backdated to 1st November
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Summary: Catching up post Storybrooke event
The Story: And when you take the control from me )
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Who: Crowley and Jesse Pinkman
Where: Jesse's room
When: Right after this log
Rating: PG for murder mentions and feels
Summary: Crowley has gotten revenge for Jesse, so it's only proper he actually inform Jesse of this fact.
The Story: let's get drunk maybe also high )
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Who: demon!Bela and you
Where: All over the mansion
When: Backdated to the angel and demon event
Rating: PG-13 but will update if necessary
Summary: demon!Bela is out to wreak havoc on humans and angels alike
Note: Action or prose is fine by me
The Story: ...guaranteed to blow your mind )
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Who: Arya Stark and the rebellious youth of Yasogami HS
When: During the event
Rating: PG-13 for language maybe? That'll probably be the only thing that occurs - will update as needed.
Summary: The gang of wayward punks need a space to be yobos in. This is that space.
The Story: come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls )
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Who: Class 2-2 (Abigail Hobbs, Alphonse Elric, Becky Rosen, Bela Talbot, Bucky Barnes, Carlos, Cecil, Damon Salvatore, George Lass, Integra Hellsing, Jojen Reed, Leonard McCoy, Mr. Gold, Phil Coulson, Regina Mills, Teddy Altman) and whoever comes to visit! (OTA)
Where: Class 2-2’s Fortune Telling Booth (Second floor, second classroom)
When: Japanese High School AU Event (Saturday through Wednesday)
Rating: PG/PG-13 depending on the sort of Fortune’s being told
Summary: Come get your palms read! Or Blue! Or any color you desire! The Fortune Tellers are ready to peer into the void and produce a glimpse of your future or a profound statement from a fortune cookie. Catch-all for the Fortune Telling Booth!
The Story:

I see a tall, dark stranger in your future )
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Who: Jesse Pinkman & frands
Where: 8th floor, Jesse's room
When: Thursday 04/17
Rating: R forpossible  mentions of violence & definite heavy drug use
Summary: Jesse's fresh off the First Wonderland Death boat and Not Happy about it
The Story: Seriously, who would be? )

A note on the closed-ness: Anyone is welcome to attempt to get him to open the door, but he's gonna be resisting pretty much everyone save for the people he trusts the most (or people with info about the scene etc) so it might not go over all that well.  PM me if you wanna discuss that kind of thing...  Or just tag it and we'll work it out.  C:
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Who: Hannibal + Jesse, Hannibal + Abby
Where: The hallway outside room 9 on the 1st floor, the kitchen.
When: Evening of 4/15, during the day 4/16 after his network post.  
Rating: PG-13 for not particularly gruesome murder and cannibalism. 
Summary: Hannibal does some things.  People are involved.  

( note: if your character has any good reason to seek out Hannibal or be in the kitchen at this time, feel free to tag in! But otherwise this is closed.)

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Who: Jesse & Blake, Jesse & Crowley, Jesse & Lindsey
Where: Errywhere
When: Erryt- During the event
Rating: ED for "Effin' Dumb"
Summary: "What're we building?" "You said it yourself--"
The Story: .....A ROBOT??? )
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Where: The Ballroom
When: Friday, March 28th - Monday, March 31st
Rating: PG-13
Summary: As an apology for all of the mess associated with the redecorating last week, the Red Queen has organized a party for everyone in Wonderland, and invited
The Story: We have are going to have a garden party, it's on me )

OOC: Hello and welcome! This post marks THE BEGINNING OF ENTRANCEWAY'S FOURTH WALL EVENT. Hooray! Before you continue, please take a look at the rules for this event. If you have any questions, feel free to make use of the FAQ thread in that post, even if you aren't a regular player here!

All posts made after this one are considered part of the fourth wall event (unless they have been marked otherwise!). You are free to use the mod journal's reading page to find posts to tag into, if that is easier for you. ♥

Also, either prose or [action brackets] in this log are perfectly fine.

Please feel free to advertise OOCly on plurk, and to all of our guests - welcome to [community profile] entranceway and please enjoy your stay!
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Who: Traveler [personal profile] screeee as a little sister and YOU! (and at various points, Agent Washington [personal profile] notthesecondworstfighter and Mark Meltzer[personal profile] paper_knight)
Where: Playground, mansion halls.
When: 20th and a few days after it. Conceivably any time though, because Traveler loves reliving the good years.
Rating: PG

There's a new little girl in Wonderland. There's lots of little girls in Wonderland now, of course, but this one's features are unfamiliar. Which is too bad, because it looks like she could use a familiar face. Her dress is ripped and bloody and dirty... )

Playground )

Mansion )

((Replies will come from [personal profile] wheresmrb!))
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Who: Daryl & Everyone, Jesse & Everyone
Where: Here there and everywhere
When: 3/20 - 3/27
Rating: R for language and drug use and whatnot
Summary: Event catchall thingy for both Daryl & Jesse
The Story: there's nothing under this cut )
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Who: Lord Buckingham ([personal profile] airshipswank & [OPEN]
Where: The Gallery - Third Floor, Room 004
When: Sunday, March 9
Rating: PG-13-ish (in case of passionate declarations of art appreciation, and/or elegant marble penis sculptures)
You are hereby cordially invited to attend the grand opening of
Wonderland's Art Gallery
On Sunday, March 9, 2 o'clock; Room 004, Third Floor

The Story: Open your eyes and your imagination... )
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Who: Castiel & Jesse Pinkman / Castiel & Isaac Lahey
Where: Various chunks of the fragmented mansion.
When: 2/28 - 3/3
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Castiel's making the rounds to help people who are stranded and comes across a few in need.
The Story: beat a frantic pace )
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Who: Jesse & Lydia
Where: 8th floor, Jesse's room
When: 02/14, after Lydia is injured
Rating: R for sensitive material and gore? Also light drug references probably, this is Jesse's space after all...
Summary: Some people just have no sense of self-preservation at all.
The Story: but come on, would you lock someone out in the hall with a murderer on the loose?? )
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Who: Haymitch and Jesse Pinkman
Where: Outside the bar
When: Saturday Afternoon
Rating: PG13
Summary: Jesse ages, Haymitch soils his pants.
The Story: I thought you died alone, a long, long time ago )
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Who: Charlie Bradbury and anyone!
Where: Outside the mansion/entry hall.
When: January 1st, celebrating the new year newbie style! (Being confused)
Rating: Prob PG-13
Summary: Charlie's not in Oz anymore, Toto.
The Story:
One moment she's saying good bye, starting on her journey down the yellow brick road, and the next she's waking up beside a horse stable, propped against the side.

The high pitched whinny is what wakes her. Charlie comes to with a start, gasping and immediately regretting it as her nose is assaulted with pure horse. It's definitely not an odor she was expecting, which is why she chokes for a moment and starts coughing violently.

Once her initial shock dies down (and she's able to breathe again), Charlie pushes herself to stand, confusion starting to settle as she glances around. Anyone can see that this place? Definitely not Oz.
For one thing, there's no yellow brick road in sight. )


Dec. 31st, 2013 07:59 am
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Who: Tweedledee and Tweedledum and EVERYONE!
Where: Every-dang-where
When: All day New Year's Eve and New Year's Day
Rating: PG-13 at the highest
Summary: The Twins want to tell you your fortune. Your horrible, overly specific fortune.
The Story: Step right up! )
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Who: (Future)Tom Hanniger, (Future)Isaac Lahey & COMPLETELY OPEN
Where: Literally all over Wonderland
When: Dec 15-24
Rating: R for language, violence, adult themes
Summary: The last time they checked, Wonderland had stopped pulling shenanigans. But that's exactly what they find in the middle of a late night patrol.

THIS IS A CATCH ALL LOG FOR TOM AND ISAAC FOR THE EWAYMAS EVENT PERIOD AND CONTAINS INDIVIDUAL STARTS FOR BOTH CHARACTERS. The starts not doing it for you? Message with what you want and we'll work it out.

Both prose and bracket spam is perfectly welcome!

The Story: Well, some nights I wish that this all would end | 'Cause I could use some friends for a change | And some nights I'm scared you'll forget me again | Some nights I always win, I always win... )
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Who: The Ghosts of Years Yet to Come and YOU!
Where: Anywhere. Everywhere.
When: December 15th - December 25th
Rating: G for Ghosts, Proceed With Caution!
• This log is intended to give everybody a good overview of where in Wonderland which ghosts can be found. It can be used as a reference for other posts, or to thread encounters too short to warrant their own entry.

• To help browsing all ghosts easily, please put [Name of Ghost Character] - [Location of Ghost in Wonderland] into the subject line, so everybody can immediately see who they'll encounter, and where.

•If you have any more questions about the ghosts, or the Christmas event in general, go ahead and post a comment to our Q & A thread!

• In short, STEP 1: Posts with ghosts! STEP 2: ?!?! STEP 3: PROFIT!

The Story:We stay because we don't know where else to go. )
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Who: River + planned guests
Where: around and about. EVERYWHERE
When: for the duration of the event
Rating: I DON'T EVEN KNOW. high. there's going to be amputation in here, be warned.
Summary: A lovely catch-all for all event plans that is much later than I would have liked.
The Story: they're gonna eat me alive, can you hear my heart beating like a hammer, beating like a hammer )


Nov. 23rd, 2013 02:17 pm
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Who: Toothless, and you!
Where: All over Wonderland.
When: Zombie event.
Rating: PG-13ish.
Summary: What's wrong with the shambly Vikings who can't move around much? Why do they make those weird noises?
The Story: Read more... )
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Who: Xander Harris ([personal profile] theheartpart) and YOU!
Where: Out and About
When: Thursday, October 17, 2013; evening
Rating: PG
Summary: Xander disappears for a week, and upon returning... forgets to mention it for four days.
The Story:
With your feet on the air and your head on the ground, try this trick and spin it, yeah... )
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Who: Toothless, and you
Where: The mines.
When: Catch-all for the event.
Rating: PG for now.
Summary: Night Furies like caves, but they don't like being trapped.
The Story: what could possibly go wrong? )
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Who: Crowley and OTA
Where: The mines
When: The full event
Rating: Inevitable violence
Summary: Everything sucks.
The Story:

Being Human )
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Who: Daryl Dixon & Friends; Jesse Pinkman & Friends
Where: all along the watchtower. and by watchtower I mean mine shafts
When: 10/3-10/7
Rating: R, probably
Summary: In an effort to keep from spamming, only one post was made on that day...
The Story:

Daryl )

Jesse ) 

[[ooc: Subthreads by day below! (Unless you're looking at this and there aren't any, in which case GIMME A SEC I COCKED UP THE HTML.)  If we had plans of any kind and you want me to set something up, I will definitely do that.  Otherwise (or if you happen to feel like setting up something specific) HAVE AT IT.]]

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Who: Greed, Ling Yao, and various
Where: Some godforsaken mine somewhere
When: Throughout the event
Rating: Hard PG-13?
Summary: Trying to survive a dangerous event with the Philosopher's Stone stripped away, Greed discovers the joys of Ling's hypoglycemia.
The Story: I know me very well, at least as far as I can tell, and I know what I need )

[[ ooc: I've got comments for the different days, so tag whichever and don't feel like you have to stick to the scenarios I've got! Prose and actionspam are both fine, and so are people who haven't already arranged to thread. :D ]]


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