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Who: Angel/Angelus, Cordelia Chase, Buffy Summers, Adam Milligan, Meg Masters, Stiles Stilinski, Jackson Whittemore, Ellen Harvelle, & H.G. Wells
Where: All over the mansion, as well as the grounds after nightfall.
When: October 30th - November 2nd
Rating: R for violence, death and possible torture.
Summary: Angel's mirror is in the driver's seat for the last few days of the event, meaning that Angelus himself has run of the mansion. Anyone looking to write him off or underestimate him as a common vampire is in for one hell of a surprise.
The Story: I'm happy again; )
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Who: BUFFY [[personal profile] rulebreaks] & ALEX [[profile] thatbrainyguy]
Where: Grounds.
When: 30th October, Body Snatcher Event.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: Buffy, who hasn't changed, hashes some stuff out with Xander's mirror.
The Story: only one way to make it right )
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Who: Xander Harris ([personal profile] theheartpart) and YOU!
Where: Out and About
When: Thursday, October 17, 2013; evening
Rating: PG
Summary: Xander disappears for a week, and upon returning... forgets to mention it for four days.
The Story:
With your feet on the air and your head on the ground, try this trick and spin it, yeah... )
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Who: Cora Hale, Derek Hale, Jackson Whittemore, Graham Humbert & Cordelia Chase— and anyone else who wants trauma with Cora and/or Cordelia.
Where: The mines.
When: 3-7 October.
Rating: There will be a lot of death.
Summary: These two idiots are stuck in a mine.
The Story:

Cora; )

Cordelia; )

( if we don't have plans and you want some action with cora and cordelia, just pick a day and comment and let me know who you want! )
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Who: Emma Swan, Jo Harvelle, Angel & Friends -- or enemies, as the case may be.
Where: Throughout the mines.
When: October 3rd - 7th.
Rating: PG-13 for violence.
Summary: Various event happenings within! Exploration, panic, frustration and monster-slaying abound.
The Story:
Emma )

Jo )

Angel )

[[OOC: If we don't have a planned thread or a placeholder set up but you want to run into one of these three at some point during the event, go ahead and tag on the desired day! Just let me know which character you want in the subject line.]]
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Where: Everywhere the slayer-beacon sounds tbh.
When: don't expect dates here, there are no dates. only super shenanigans.
Rating: a cozy PG more than likely.
Summary: Slay Girl shimmies on her tights and goes to pluck up her favorite zepposidekick, Xander, I mean Quail Man man man man man.

i'm a human i'm cyborg uniform; find me riding on five horn unicorn )
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Who: Graham and You!
Where: All over?
When: The entirety of the Event. (9/20 - 9/23)
Rating: R. Worse? He might commit a few murders. He's a villain.
Summary: Villain Graham is on the prowl in city. Killing. Sassing. Being a giant sassy Irish dick.
The Story: don't call him captain potato famine. )
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Who: Buffy Summers ([personal profile] rulebreaks) and Blaine Anderson ([personal profile] justlove).
Where: Some hallway somewhere, and then leading who knows where. They have a whole mansion at their disposal, after all.
When: 8/25, afternoon.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Buffy and Blaine run into each other. Conversations happen.
The Story: Now I can't figure out )
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Who: Cordelia Chase & various & open!
Where: Hot mess all over this grill.
When: Hellhound Invasion: Days One - Three.
Rating: R for potential death/gore.
Summary: Cordelia's not sure which she prefers right now: Painless visions or a vision coma.
The Story: run to where you want; )
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Who: Slayer, The [ [personal profile] rulebreaks ] and Queen C [ [personal profile] tact ]
Where: Soap Opera TV Set. Really random room.
When: July 1.
Rating: G. But very dramatically bad.
Summary: Buffy and Cordelia end up on a soap. Someone's marrying someone's father's brother's sister's daughter's cousin's son. Or something like that.
The Story: i am my own grandpa; )
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Where: TV Wonderland
When: June 29th - July 1st
Rating: anything from Teletubbies to Game of Thrones
As announced this will be a catch-all post for shorter scenes, commercials, or things you simply don't want to make an entry for.
  1. If you want to involve your character in anything and everything, leave a blank comment with them and see what others drag them into! Other characters will respond and set a random scene for the two (or three or seven) of you.

  2. If you only have one particular thing in mind then set it up in a comment and wait for replies of anybody who wants to play along with the idea and stumble into that scene in their next response (or mark the thread CLOSED if you already have participants in mind)!
The Story:
Over the course of the event, everyone will be forced to act out various stereotypical roles and common tropes. The setting immediately around them will change randomly into settings from cliche popular media, complete with mediocre side-character NPCs who will never break character. It will become clear very quickly that they are expected to act out a particular role in the scene. They might be expected to be a tough cop, or a handsome sexy doctor, or someone’s evil twin come back from the dead, or any number of terrible tropes – and these tropes do not necessarily have anything to do with who the character is or what they do for a living. They could be the most innocent person and suddenly find themselves forced into the role of a hardened criminal.


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