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Who: Serge, Eiko, Coraline, and OPEN
Where: Base of the Twilight Town Clocktower
When: Backdated to TT Event.
Rating: G
Summary: Serge demonstrates his elements, and idk stuff happens.
the Story: Cut )


May. 21st, 2009 09:51 pm
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Who: Coraline [profile] exploring_game  and Knock Knock, this one's open to ANYONE
Where: All over the mansion, but...your rooms, to be specific.
When: One rainy afternoon. Assume this routine's a pretty regular thing, though.
Rating: G, kiddos!
When there's nothing better to do, certain bored little girls enjoy poking around in everyone else's business.  (This is your chance to show off your rooms and what goes on during the unglorified, typical hum drum day on your personal time, mansion people!)
the Story:
Expect her to come knocking politely if you're all locked up, or simply to let herself in and loiter in doorways, rocking the hinges restlessly until you pay her a little notice. )


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