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Who: All residents of the Mansion.
Where The Science Room
When: During the Mad Mod event.
Rating: PG. \o/
Summary: Today the Mansion's turned into a most unusual sort of learning environment. Can you survive the perils of Education, now with its own unique Mansion flavor? [Note that while your character can only be in one of the classrooms to start with, they can sure as hell escape... only to land into another. Feel free to interact with one another. \o/ Hey, you might even rescue your poor friends!]
the Story: --if we distill some diethylene triphosphate chloride-- )
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Who: Clovis la Britannia ([livejournal.com profile] the_thirdprince) & OPEN
Where: Kitchen
When: November 26, 2008 (Backdated)
Rating: G idk PG? I doubt it'll go any higher.
Summary: Mun needs some RP practice.~ I'm on a plane and BORED. D: ; Clovis finds that asking the closets for food is still quite silly and he doesn't have any money for vendors. So, the kitchen seems to be the next best thing.

the Story:
I waited for you~ )


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