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Who: All residents of the Mansion.
Where The Gym
When: During the Mad Mod event.
Rating: PG. \o/
Summary: Today the Mansion's turned into a most unusual sort of learning environment. Can you survive the perils of Education, now with its own unique Mansion flavor? [Note that while your character can only be in one of the classrooms to start with, they can sure as hell escape... only to land into another. Feel free to interact with one another. \o/ Hey, you might even rescue your poor friends!]
the Story: Play ball! )
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Who: Hayate ([livejournal.com profile] butler_in_debt) and...practically everyone
When: SpontanouslyToday. \o\;
Rating: PG to be safe
Summary: Hayate's feminine side OCD feminine OCD side kicks in and decides to make the mansion pretty. Serial break-ins and possible fourth wall smashing ensues.
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Who: Clovis la Britannia ([livejournal.com profile] the_thirdprince) & OPEN
Where: Kitchen
When: November 26, 2008 (Backdated)
Rating: G idk PG? I doubt it'll go any higher.
Summary: Mun needs some RP practice.~ I'm on a plane and BORED. D: ; Clovis finds that asking the closets for food is still quite silly and he doesn't have any money for vendors. So, the kitchen seems to be the next best thing.

the Story:
I waited for you~ )
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Who: Marianne, Euphie
Where Euphie's room
When: Friday, late at night
Rating: Probably R at most. (Marianne-mun sometimes gets nervous writing anything higher ._. If such is even allowed. It probably is, but it rarely comes up, so.)
Summary: Marianne and Euphie missed each other a lot. So, Marianne agrees to meet with Euphie.
the Story: Sweep the floor into the fireplace... )
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Who: All the residents of the Mansion. ♥
Where Outside the Mansion
When: During the entire duration of the Halloween Event.
Rating: G-PG. ♥
Summary: Tripped too many traps already? Don't worry, you're not the only one. At least you can join the fun~ ♥
the Story: So you got thrown out too, huh? )
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Who: Marianne, Euphemia, and whoever else comes down to the kitchen.
Where The kitchen
When: Once Euphie gets stuck inside the kitchen.
Rating: No idea, but presumably PG-13 at most? May go higher because of possibility of slight Marianne/Euphie behavior.
Summary: Euphie became stuck in this kitchen, and someone went to go see her... maybe others?
the Story: It's always such a pleasure. )
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Who: Euphemia [[livejournal.com profile] euphiepink] & Suzaku [[livejournal.com profile] vermilionxbird]
Where Outside
When: Somtime in the day
Rating: G, PG?
Summary: Suzaku has invited Euphie to go take a walk outside and spend time.
the Story: He hadn't seen or talked to Euphie for a while, and it would be lying to say he wasn't nervous )


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