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Who: Hungary ([livejournal.com profile] magyarfujoshi), Austria ([livejournal.com profile] elegantvirtuoso), Lelouch ([livejournal.com profile] 001999)
Where Lelouch's room -- 6th Floor, Room #4
When: August 30th, sometime at night
Rating: PG?
Summary: Lelouch wants to thank Hungary and Austria for taking care of his cats by inviting them to have dinner with him.
the Story: This is the most witty cut text of all )
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Who: Beast Boy, Lelouch, and Rizelle
Where: The library
Rating: PG. Seriously. They're finding a kitten's meow, I can't imagine this turning into a Grindhouse adventure.
Summary: THE KITTEN WUZ DEPRESS so these three decided to run around looking for evidence for Alice's trial.
the Story:

way better than Shark Boy and Lava Girl )
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Who: Lelouch Lamperouge [[livejournal.com profile] 001999] and Zero (Kururugi Suzaku) [[livejournal.com profile] zerocolors]
Where Main Entrance
When: Evening of Zero's arrival
Rating: ...PG? I doubt it would go higher
Summary: Both are doubting each other identities. The only way to check, naturally, is to meet each other right?
the Story: He was Zero. He was nobody else )
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Who: Lelouch Lamperouge [livejournal.com profile] 001999 & Sylar [livejournal.com profile] soundlikemurder
Where Around the mansion, somewhere.
When: During the memory event.
Rating: M, because most likely, blood will be spilled.
Summary: Sylar and Lelouch play their own little game of "Hide and Seek" after this short chat.
the Story: Dun dun dun. )
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Who: Lelouch Lamperouge [[livejournal.com profile] 001999] & Kururugi Suzaku [[livejournal.com profile] vermilionxbird]
Where Hallways of Floor 7
When: First Day of Loveless Event
Rating: PG(?) [subjected to change]
Summary: Lelouch and Suzaku decides to search for Euphie while they test who is which and how this all works.
the Story: Suzaku is worried for his cats as well )
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Who: Kallen Stadtfeld/Kouzuki, Kururugi Suzaku, & Lelouch Lamperouge.
Where Outside; around and about the mansion.
When: Right now.
Rating: PG?
Summary: Kallen, Lelouch and Suzaku decide to hang out together as friends, just like the good old days.
the Story: Reunited and it feels so good~ )
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Who: Kururugi Suzaku ([livejournal.com profile] vermilionxbird ) & Lelouch Lamperouge ( [livejournal.com profile] 001999 )
Where: Mansion rooftop
When: Tonight; November 14th
Rating: PG to PG-13, for boyxboy moments. 
Summary: Lelouch actually brings up the courage to ask Suzaku out on a date! Together, they go stargazing -- how romantic~
the Story: Can you feel the love tonight~? )
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 Who: Patchouli Knowledge & Lelouch Lamperouge
Where: Patchouli's room
When: Right now
Rating: PG-13 at the most. It could change.
Summary: Lelouch is feeling a bit gloomy. Patchouli decides to dress him up in loli outfits to cheer him up, although Lelouch is oblivious as to what she has planned for him.

the Story: 

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Who: Lelouch Lamperouge [[profile] 001999] and Rolo Lamperouge / Rolo Haliburton [[profile] fakingtime]
Where: Starts in Lelouch's room, then expands throughout the mansion
When: Now.
Rating: PG to PG-13. May change as log progresses~
Summary: Rolo has arrived at the mansion and Lelouch has agreed to give his 'brother' a tour.
the Story: 
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Who: Patchouli Knowledge & Lelouch Lamperouge

Where: Lelouch's Room (Room 004 on Floor 006); Code Geass world

When: Now, May 6

Rating: PG for now?

Summary: After a short conversation between Patchouli and Lelouch, Lelouch agrees that if the chance comes, he would take Patchouli to visit his homeworld. Now that chance has come, and they're taking it.

the Story:
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Who: Lelouch [[livejournal.com profile] 001999], Suzaku [[livejournal.com profile] vermilionxbird], and Kallen [[livejournal.com profile] nishiki_knight]
Where Lelouch's room
When: Today in the afternoon
Rating: PG-13 for boyxboy
Summary: Lelouch and Suzaku get drunk.
the Story: Two highschool boys alone with alcohol never results well )


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