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Who: Marianne, Euphie
Where Euphie's room
When: Friday, late at night
Rating: Probably R at most. (Marianne-mun sometimes gets nervous writing anything higher ._. If such is even allowed. It probably is, but it rarely comes up, so.)
Summary: Marianne and Euphie missed each other a lot. So, Marianne agrees to meet with Euphie.
the Story: Sweep the floor into the fireplace... )
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Who: Marianne, Euphemia, and whoever else comes down to the kitchen.
Where The kitchen
When: Once Euphie gets stuck inside the kitchen.
Rating: No idea, but presumably PG-13 at most? May go higher because of possibility of slight Marianne/Euphie behavior.
Summary: Euphie became stuck in this kitchen, and someone went to go see her... maybe others?
the Story: It's always such a pleasure. )
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Who: Okita, Florian, Kaylee, Yuffie, and free to anyone else who wants to jump in! (posting order flexible. that is to say, go for it!)
Where: Outside on the grass~
When: Right after Souji called for volunteers.
Rating: G or PG for possible antisocial behavior (i.e. Yuffie stealing things |D)
Summary: A game of tag.
the Story: There was really nothing better for taking one's mind off unpleasant things than a game. )


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