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Who: (Future!FifthDeath!) Annie, and YOU
Where: All around the mansion, but starting outside, by the beach.
When: Dec 16th until she disappears on the 25th
Rating: oh, M whatever
Summary: Annie's here from the future, but she's....just a little off.


Oct. 12th, 2013 02:05 pm
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Who: Annie Edison, Johnathan Teatime, and John Blake (not all at once)
Where: Teatime and Blake's rooms, respectively
When: Friday and Saturday, respectively!
Rating: I am sure no higher than like, M idk what even are ratings.
Summary: Annie's got a debt to pay and a friend to (hopefully) cheer up.
The Story: Cake is totally a good payment for life saving, right?? )
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Who: Philip ( [personal profile] radiopalkiller ) & OPEN
Where: A nightmare! That country whose name he doesn't remember anymore! The mines!
When: 3rd to 7th of October, aka. event time (with bonus thread for the week after)
Rating: PG-13 and neighbouring ratings
Summary: Home sweet home! ...Sort of.
The Story: You wonder when this dream will end, so many questions remain unsung... )
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Who: Lena Duchannes and OPEN!
Where: The mines
When: October 3rd - 6th.
Rating: PG-13 for violence and character death.
Summary: Lena's lost her Caster abilities and a chunk of her sanity goes out the door with it.
The Story: but it's so volatile )
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Who: Annie Edison, Emma Swan, Donna Noble, Caroline Forbes, Bela Talbot, Kelly Bailey, and ANY OTHER LADY SUPERHERO WHO WANTS TO BE IN THE SQUAD! Also, any villains who may want to get their butts kicked. And Graham, so they can watch him through googly eye cameras
Where: The Lady Superhero Squad's hideout! And around Wonderland City.
When: the whole event!
Rating: R
Summary: You better believe these ladies can kick some serious evil ass.
The Story: First one, then the other. )
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Who: Richard Castle and YOU
Where: Creeping around the mansion
When: Sept 5th (before the event)
Rating: PG-13 at highest
Summary: Castle goes exploring. Feel free to have him run into your character or have your character find him doing something odd (see below lol).
The Story: Put this in your speakers; you a certified creeper. )
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Who: Blaine Anderson and open. He'll be joined eventually by special guests Annie Edison and John Blake, but feel free to start a new thread if you want your character to run into him somewhere.
Where: Various parts of the mansion.
When: 8/6, evening.
Rating: PG-13, but it should be fairly tame.
Summary: Blaine's alive again but he's got some things to work out.
The Story: Restore life the way it should be )
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Who: Castiel, Annie Edison, Greed, Crowley, Jo Harvelle, Gabriel, River Tam, & Balthazar
Where: Throughout the mansion and the grounds.
When: The Hellhound Event (8/3 - 8/5)
Rating: R for possible gore
Summary: What better welcome for a new arrival than a horde of demon dogs? Castiel does what he can to fight off the hellhounds, and meets a number of familiar and unfamiliar faces along the way.
The Story:
The past few days have been trying enough. )
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Who: Annie Edison ([personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor and [OPEN] (as well as Caroline Forbes [personal profile] disparage and James Potter [personal profile] pottershotter)
Where: around the mansion!
When: the whole event
Rating: M FOR MATURE (graphic violence I'd imagine, also tw: death)
Summary: Annie can totally handle this!! (She can't)
The Story: Well, at least it's not riddles? )
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Who: Everyone in Wonderland!
Where: The chessboard hills
When: Monday, July 15, all day starting at 10:00 AM
Rating: PG-13 (probably)
Summary: The Red Queen has accepted a challenge from the Queen of Hearts.
The Story: Here is some important info to get you started. ♥ )
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Who: Ivory Truth Collector Kirigiri [[personal profile] somethinglost], Emerald Gatekeeper Guardian Aerith [[personal profile] cetra], Sneaky Guardian Annie Edison [[personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor], and Smiling Angel Tohru Honda [[personal profile] breakthecurse]. Also Crowley the mascot-helper [[personal profile] goesdown].
Where: Somewhere on the first floor, near the stairs
When: Early-ish in the event
Rating: PG(-13)
Summary: The hit group of pop idols, Witch Princess Miracle are backstage at their show, getting ready to face their fans. During the performance, they have to use their *:・゚✧magical girl*:・゚✧ powers to figure out what is wrong with the audience and save them!

Or at least, that's what the Mansion wants them to do. The magical girls themselves might have some other ideas.
The Story: *:・゚✧Magicaaaaal*:・゚✧ )

[ooc: Feel free to make multiple threads between two or three characters. I'll make one thread specifically for the *:・゚✧big concert✧:・゚*. The posting order on that (making this up off the topic of my head) can be Aerith, Annie, Kirigiri, Tohru, (and then Crowley, if he wants in on it).]
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Where: TV Wonderland
When: June 29th - July 1st
Rating: anything from Teletubbies to Game of Thrones
As announced this will be a catch-all post for shorter scenes, commercials, or things you simply don't want to make an entry for.
  1. If you want to involve your character in anything and everything, leave a blank comment with them and see what others drag them into! Other characters will respond and set a random scene for the two (or three or seven) of you.

  2. If you only have one particular thing in mind then set it up in a comment and wait for replies of anybody who wants to play along with the idea and stumble into that scene in their next response (or mark the thread CLOSED if you already have participants in mind)!
The Story:
Over the course of the event, everyone will be forced to act out various stereotypical roles and common tropes. The setting immediately around them will change randomly into settings from cliche popular media, complete with mediocre side-character NPCs who will never break character. It will become clear very quickly that they are expected to act out a particular role in the scene. They might be expected to be a tough cop, or a handsome sexy doctor, or someone’s evil twin come back from the dead, or any number of terrible tropes – and these tropes do not necessarily have anything to do with who the character is or what they do for a living. They could be the most innocent person and suddenly find themselves forced into the role of a hardened criminal.
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Who: Annie ([personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor) and John Blake ([personal profile] thinblueline)
Where: outside, the courtyard
When: sunday evening
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Annie's embarrassed about her past, and John's there to meet it.
The Story: Shadows, seriously?? )
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Who: Loki Laufeyson, Loki Laufeyson, and others
Where: Around the mansion and the grounds
When: Saturday afternoon
Rating: PG-13? Probably? Definitely not lower than that.
Summary: You guys need to loosen up.

The Story: you're face to face with the man who sold the world )
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Who: Tohru Honda [[personal profile] breakthecurse], Aerith Gainsborough [[personal profile] cetra], Ruby Lucas [[personal profile] childofthemoon], Annie Edison [[personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor], Martha Jones [[personal profile] selfrespecting], Kougyoku Ren [[personal profile] vineas], and any female friends they might like to invite.
Where: Tohru's Cottage Tent
When: April 15th, last day of the Truffula Valley event, evening
Rating: PG
Summary: The Eighth Floor Ladies decide to have the first of what is probably going to be many sleepovers.
The Story: Sleepover invite behind the cut ♥ )


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