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Who: Max [[ profile] manticorean] and Ryohei [[ profile] kyokugen_sun]
Where: Max's room
When: Sometime after Faith's mini-plot
Rating: PG? Come on.
Summary: Ryohei does not like the thought that he helped kill someone. So he goes to see his big sis Max.
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Who: [ profile] commarogue, [ profile] idkmybfftony, [ profile] watchful_knight, [ profile] ethereallawyer, [ profile] 2ndhandlion, [ profile] geokinetic, [ profile] wayward_sam, [ profile] yes_imagenius, [ profile] bloodcakedarmor, [ profile] bloodluna, [ profile] manticorean, [ profile] viva_la_impala, [ profile] kyokugen_sun, [ profile] saved_ur_ass
Where Kitchen, hallways between there and Sam Winchester's floor, outside in front of the mansion
When: Bendy time to Friday evening (enjoy the benefits of bendytime?)
Rating: R (violence, language, multiple character deaths)
Summary: Faith finally snaps, enjoying a killing spree and some of the characters rally to stop her.
Notes: This log post will act as the main action post for the immediate mini!plot. This just means that all of the things we've discussed in email should probably occur here, in the threads I've set up, to make everything easy to handwave and bendytime. If any of you want to play out anything else, feel free to make another thread or your own post, however you wanna do it. If you can OOCly link back to this post, or the corresponding thread(s) when you post to the characters' journals, that would rock but it's just a suggestion to keep everyone on the same page. Feel free to melee tag at all of these threads, and vague it up whenever details that haven't been played out happen. If I missed anything as always, let me know and let's go have some fun!
the Story: don’t want no money that shit's ugly just want your sex take a bite of my bad girl meat take a bite my me show me your teethlet me see your mean got no direction i need direction just got my vamp )
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Who:Dean Winchester [[ profile] viva_la_impala], others who feel so inclined, and ghosts.
Where1st Floor Corridors, which have been transformed into THIS.
When:During the creepfest that is the Fatal Frame Event Part II
Rating:R for language,violence,gore, and disturbing images.
Summary:Dean attempts to play Ghostbusters with the Mansion's newest spiritual residents.
the Story: You know that little voice that tells you to quit when you're ahead? YOU DONT HAVE ONE! )
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Who: Helena, Haru, Gokudera, Max, Hubb, and still OPEN!
Where: Hong Kong's room
When: Toward the end of the blizzard
Rating: PG for swearing?
Summary: Some people get together to launch fireworks in order to lead the lost people back to the Mansion.


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