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Who: Cissie King-Jones and YOU
Where: Alexandria
When: Throughout the event
Rating: ...Z for zombies? There's gonna be death and angst in here.
Summary: Catch-all for the event; Cissie's here to kick some zombie ass... and lose some friends. This shouldn't be a problem, right? (Spoiler: it's going to be a problem.)
The Story: Cissie's a retired superhero, but zombies don't care about retirement.
show you how strong i am )
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Who: Tim Drake and YOU
Where: All around the Kindergarten
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG-PG-13. There might be strong language
Summary: Tim is a huge Warlocks and Warriors fan, and this would be a lot more fun if he were not 3 feet tall.
The Story: and we're ready to roll )
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Who: Cissie King-Jones and YOU
Where: All around the ski lodge (inside and out), and out in the snow
When: Duration of the event
Rating: G? Will change if necessary
Summary: Come play in the snow, or drink hot chocolate in the lodge after Cissie's pelted you with snow.
The Story: Cissie's out and about, enjoying the snow and the lodge for the first two days of the event. Come chat by the fire with her, or get pelted by snowballs! Or try to teach her how to ski. Day 3 will find Cissie preoccupied with arguing with Tim and getting lost in the snow with Kon.

Hang onto your hopes, my friend. That's an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass away, simply pretend that you can build them again )
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Who: Tim Drake (Real and Mirror Side), Tim Luthor (Real Side), and YOU
Where: Real and Mirror Mansions
When: Throughout the event, but Tim Luthor (Mirror!Tim) won't cross over until midway through the event.
Rating: PG-PG13? For maybe language or potential violence?
Summary: Tim is all over the Mansion trying to help people and figure stuff out. Mirror!Tim just wants to make a little trouble.
The Story: across the universe )
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Who: Steve Rogers, Mirror Steve, and YOU
Where: All over the Real Side and Mirror Side
When: May 13th – 20th
Rating: PG-13 for possible violence
Summary: Mirror!Steve has a mission, which leaves Real Steve at the mercy of his whims. That doesn't mean he isn't going to fight back however he can.
The Story: in the cold morning light )
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Where: Wonderland and adjacent dimensions!
When: Friday, April 21st to Monday, April 24th
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A place to list your tears throughout the event, and describe the worlds that can be seen or accessed through them. Event Post.
The Story: That we don't know what hasn't been... )
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Who: the girl of steel & you in the back over there
Where: alllll over
When: during the event
Rating: ... honestly, probably pg-13. depends on how bad the bar fight gets
The Story: unless you were born there in which case it's not really a frontier. )
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Who: Tim Drake and YOU
Where: The Labs
When: the event
Rating: PG
Summary: Tim is having fun exploring. And trying not to let on that he's having so much fun.
The Story: it's now or never )
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Who: Kon and YOU
Where: creepy clone lab
When: over the course of the event
Rating: PG probably
Summary: Kon's a clone! And also... a clone of a clone. This is getting weird.
The Story: and by all accounts you really should have died )
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Who: Tim Drake, Cissie King-Jones, Kon
Where: The kitchen
When: Late at night, shortly after the end of the event
Rating: PG, probably
Summary: Three friends, all from different times, banishing the nightmares, and catching up.
The Story:

...from my friends. )
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Where: Your dreams!
When: Friday February 17th - Monday February 20th (The length of the event!)
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A catch-all log for everyone's dreams in this event, and all of the subconscious shenanigans within them!
The Story: Show me the side streets in your life. )
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Who: George, Shaun, YOU
Where: After the End Times Wonderland Office (aka Shaun's room)
When: February
Rating: PG-13ish probably
Summary: Shaun and George
The Story: well we came to the party late but we're staying here to see the sun )
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Who: Tim Drake or Shaun Mason and YOU
Where: Oasis, Jungle, Pyramid
When: Past Lives Event!
Rating: PG-PG-13
Summary: Tim and Shaun throughout the event. Shaun is annoyed by the olde tyme weapons. Tim is just having a good time.
The Story: It's good to be young! )


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