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Who: Wesker [livejournal.com profile] viral_tyrant and anyone who would like to 'join' him
Where: Inside and outside of the mansion
When: Alllll day Sunday
Rating: PG-13 for the violence, man
Summary: Wesker needs candy. And company, of course.

Story:To take on the tyrant or not to... )

ooc: This guy will not be holding back during the event, so be prepared for a very intense and somewhat violent fight. Also! As mentioned, he is open to friendly conversation if the other wishes not to spar. Have fun, peeps!
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All the teachers.  All of them.
Where: First floor; Teachers' Lounge
When: May 5th, in between classes, during breaks, before/after school.
Rating: TBD.  Teachers can have such potty-mouths.
Summary: A decent-sized room for a large school filled with kids and staff.  Students, beware venturing into this unknown territory unless explicitly seeking assistance from a teacher.  Likely they will not take kindly to the intrusion upon this sacred, hallowed ground.

The Story:
They say that high school is like Hell. It's more like waiting in line at the DMV. )
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Who: Dr. Brennan, Wesker, and Nagi (CLOSED)
Where: The mansion, right outside the kitchen
When: Saturday evening, dinner time (for the humans)
Rating: PG-13, mainly for violence
Summary: Wesker is a vampire, Nagi a human. Brennan is caught in the middle, oh noes!

The Story:This is what happens when a tyrant is being a good escort and is interrupted >8[ )


Mar. 24th, 2011 08:27 pm
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Who: Albert Wesker [[livejournal.com profile] viral_tyrant] and Nagi [[livejournal.com profile] notursalvation]
Where: The dining room
When: March 24
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Summary: Nagi and Wesker are not BFF.
The Story: Not at all. )


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