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Who: Annie Edison, Johnathan Teatime, and John Blake (not all at once)
Where: Teatime and Blake's rooms, respectively
When: Friday and Saturday, respectively!
Rating: I am sure no higher than like, M idk what even are ratings.
Summary: Annie's got a debt to pay and a friend to (hopefully) cheer up.
The Story: Cake is totally a good payment for life saving, right?? )
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Who: Susan Blaze Sto Helit, Gentleman Jonathan Teatime, and You.
Where: The Wonderland City Cemetery, The Backalley behind a popular Pub, the Museum, and anywhere else.
When: Backdated slightly, set during the Superhero Event, the evenings of the 21st-23rd
Rating: PG-13/R
Summary: Susan isn't exactly a Hero and her sidekick isn't exactly the sort of person who kicks people back into shape. In fact, he's more a side-stab, or would be, if he weren't a ghost. Susan will be doing the sorts of errands that one does when they are bonded to the Reaper (See: Nicholas Cage), and Teatime will be Tagging Along.

Join, help, hinder, or follow them with extreme suspicion as they go about grave-robbing, killing a guy, and generally doing a great deal of morally questionable stuff. As a joint post, all threads shall be subject to harassment by both of us. Thread starters in the comments, feel free to start your own if these don't appeal!

The Story: At night they would go walking 'till the breaking of the day. )
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Who: Henry Mills, Killian Jones (Hook) and Jonathan Teatime.
Where: Around the castle?
When: Day 2 of Hellhound Event
Rating: PG probably
Summary: Henry gets into trouble with some hellhounds and has some surprising rescuers.
The Story: So even sometimes heross need a little help )
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Who: Annie Edison ([personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor and [OPEN] (as well as Caroline Forbes [personal profile] disparage and James Potter [personal profile] pottershotter)
Where: around the mansion!
When: the whole event
Rating: M FOR MATURE (graphic violence I'd imagine, also tw: death)
Summary: Annie can totally handle this!! (She can't)
The Story: Well, at least it's not riddles? )
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Who: Everyone in Wonderland!
Where: The chessboard hills
When: Monday, July 15, all day starting at 10:00 AM
Rating: PG-13 (probably)
Summary: The Red Queen has accepted a challenge from the Queen of Hearts.
The Story: Here is some important info to get you started. ♥ )


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Who: Susan and Mr. Teatime
Where: Room 44 on the 4th floor.
When: After the end of the TV Event and the Resistance Meeting.
Rating: R
--WARNINGS: Violence, blood, craziness, and graphic detail. So, Teatime being Teatime.--
Summary: The only two people from the Disc decide to have a chat.
The Story: You mean...like around four o'clock in the afternoon? )


Jun. 28th, 2013 01:17 am
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Who: Teatime and Evelyn
Where: The library
When: Evening
Rating: PG?
Summary: Evie is (unfortunately) the only one around for Teatime's arrival.
The Story: It's nothing so shocking as murder. )


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