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Who: Michael and you.
Where: The bar.
When: Friday, Jan 24th.
Rating: PG to start, to be updated as required.
Summary: Michael encroaches upon his vessel's safe space visits the bar.
The Story: So a hunter and an archangel walk into a bar... )
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Who: Susan Blaze Sto Helit, Gentleman Jonathan Teatime, and You.
Where: The Wonderland City Cemetery, The Backalley behind a popular Pub, the Museum, and anywhere else.
When: Backdated slightly, set during the Superhero Event, the evenings of the 21st-23rd
Rating: PG-13/R
Summary: Susan isn't exactly a Hero and her sidekick isn't exactly the sort of person who kicks people back into shape. In fact, he's more a side-stab, or would be, if he weren't a ghost. Susan will be doing the sorts of errands that one does when they are bonded to the Reaper (See: Nicholas Cage), and Teatime will be Tagging Along.

Join, help, hinder, or follow them with extreme suspicion as they go about grave-robbing, killing a guy, and generally doing a great deal of morally questionable stuff. As a joint post, all threads shall be subject to harassment by both of us. Thread starters in the comments, feel free to start your own if these don't appeal!

The Story: At night they would go walking 'till the breaking of the day. )
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Who: Lucifer and OPEN!
Where: The roof and the grounds.
When: The 17th, all day.
Rating: PG-13, for now.
Summary: Lucifer returns to Wonderland after being condemned to the Cage. He is Not Pleased.
The Story: It starts with a breeze. )


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Who: Edward Elric and Open
Where: The bar.
When: A day or two after the latest event.
Rating: Dunno. Call it PG.
Summary: Ed's drinking and brooding due to the fake memories the event gave him. Someone should bother him.
The Story: It's always five o'clock somewhere. )

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Who: Susan and Anyone!
Where: Anywhere indoors.
When: The second and third days of the Hellhound Event. *
Rating: PG-PG-13 depending on how graphic anything gets.
Summary: Susan is looking for people who need help and intends to drag them (willingly, unconscious, or kicking and screaming, if necessary,) to safety.
The Story: These demonic creatures were hounding her at every turn. )

*If you have a thread you'd like to do on Day 1 of the event, please, have at. Just please put "DAY 1" in the subject so I know what's up. It's all good.

OOC: Everyone is welcome to tag in! If you've got an idea about what your character is doing, and you'd like Susan to run into them, feel free to start a thread. If you'd like to toss them at Susan but are drawing a blank for a set-up, just drop an empty comment below (with a day in the subject, for preference) or message me. I'll drop something in, or we can figure something out.
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Who: Susan and Anyone (But particularly Athos.)
Where: Outside in the (arguably) fresh air.
When: Monday the 22nd (Last Day of the Truth Event)
Rating: PG?
Summary: Wonder Land is incredibly stressful and Susan has decided she's taking a break. She's going to cheerfully ignore everything magical and distressing and try to have fun.
The Story: The fact that she was all too ready to spout the truth at people, lately, was the final half-brick in the bicycle path of her tolerance. )
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Who: Everyone in Wonderland!
Where: The chessboard hills
When: Monday, July 15, all day starting at 10:00 AM
Rating: PG-13 (probably)
Summary: The Red Queen has accepted a challenge from the Queen of Hearts.
The Story: Here is some important info to get you started. ♥ )
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Who: James Potter ([personal profile] pottershotter) and Susan Sto-Helit ([personal profile] no_nonsense)
Where: Out on the grounds
When: July 1st (Day before the Resistance Meeting)
Rating: PG
Summary: James has an invitation of sorts for Susan. To a party. The kind of party that happens in a fort in the woods and where food and drink are replaced with lively talks of revolution.
The Story: R.S.V.P. as soon as possible please. )


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Who: Susan and Mr. Teatime
Where: Room 44 on the 4th floor.
When: After the end of the TV Event and the Resistance Meeting.
Rating: R
--WARNINGS: Violence, blood, craziness, and graphic detail. So, Teatime being Teatime.--
Summary: The only two people from the Disc decide to have a chat.
The Story: You around four o'clock in the afternoon? )
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Who: Susan, her shadow, and absolutely anyone who wants to join in.
Where: Various locations.
When: Friday - Monday catchall.
Rating: PG?
Summary: Susan wakes up to find a whiny, petulant version of herself complaining in her room. Given the amount of horrible glitery garbage the woman has pulled out of the closet, she's decided to drag her out of the room and contain or detain her elsewhere. This is going to be a long few days.
The Story: But this is so tedious, do we have to? )

OOC: Notes )
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Who: Susan Sto-Helit and Death
Where: Room 44, 4th Floor
When: After the Science Event. (Dating a bit ahead but, technically, June 4th.)
Rating: G, maybe PG for potentially stern language.
Summary: Susan does not enjoy the level of Shenanigans that Wonderland has to offer and has had Quite Enough. In response, she preforms the Rite of Ashk'Ente and summons Death. Unfortunately, it's the wrong one.

The Story: Non Timetis Messor )
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Who: Loki Gabriel, and you.
Where: Anywhere.
When: 31st - 2nd
Rating: A little language. Rated S for Silly?
Summary: Gabriel decides to test out the logistics of cartoon physics, with... mixed results. We can plot here, or feel free to just jump in. He's only likely to 'kill' douchebags.
The Story: Who said science had to be serious? Or hard... )
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Who: Clara Oswald & all kinds of people (open!)
Where: All over the place
When: Friday - Monday
Rating: Um...not sure yet! Will put up warnings as needed.
Summary: Event stuff and things. Related to exploring experiments. And fear gas.
The Story: i was built to be broken, you were made to be kind )
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Who: Daryl & anyone unfortunate enough to run into this shit
Where: Woods/Grounds/Mansion
When: Science event
Rating: R for language and probably gore
Summary: +1 mad scientist hunter.
The Story: we can't repel science of this magnitude )


There will be subthreads with the day, type of trap, and a short description of how it works and what you can expect if your character gets caught in it. Possibly bending physics here, because science and Wonderland. Pick whichever you'd like, and feel free to either specify if you want Daryl to admire his work find your character and give them a hand, or just make a starting comment or tag other people. Either way is fine with me, but I'll be away this weekend and probably won't have a lot of (if any) time to tag until Monday. I will happily backtag with anyone that wants to interact with Daryl himself and not just his ridiculous traps, though!  Feel free to godmod the shit out of the traps, break them, see them, whatever.

OH ALSO.  If you wanna add any subthreads for any reason...  Feel free to do so!]
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Who: Balthazar (or Mirror!Balthazar), and OPEN
Where: the gardens
When: Wednesday-ish
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Summary: Balthazar is just having a nice little booze picnic. The Mirror version is looking for information.

Realside )

Mirrorside )


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