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Who: Rose Tyler & You!
Where: The gardens, beach, and forest
When: July 21, afternoon to night
Rating: G to PG
Summary: Rose goes exploring. And tries to build a fire at one point. Come join her!
The Story: Rose doesn't do well sitting still. )
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Who: Rose Tyler [ profile] shewashuman and Harold Saxon [ profile] timewardrums
Where 10th floor, room 6
When: Sometime after this.
Rating: Rating has jumped. R+
Summary: After her chat with Saffron, Rose decides to take Harry up on his offer and visit him with her device.
the Story: Taking over me; )
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Who: Saffron [ profile] cunningcleavage and Rose Tyler [ profile] shewashuman 
Where: Kitchen
When: Immediately following this entry
Rating: PG at most
Summary: Saff and Rose swap stories. Fortunately, cake makes all bad news feel better.
the Story:  Evil girls biting good girls, turning good girls into evil girls )
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Who: Dalek, Rose Tyler
Where: Outside of the Mansion.
When: In the evening, after sundown.
Rating: G/PG
Summary: Rose goes to meet the Dalek outside, and hopefully calm him down if he's still wiggy.
the Story: No more killing. That had been an order. )
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Who: Rose Tyler and The Ninth Doctor
Where The lobby
When: Night time
Rating: PG-13, unless something crazy happens
Summary: Rose is reunited with her Doctor only it’s not how she saw him last.
the Story: It was suppose to be impossible... )
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Who: Rose & Jack
Where: Outside the mansion
When: Shortly after Rose's arrival
Rating: PG/PG-13, maybe?
Summary: Jack goes to welcome Rose to the Mansion.
the Story: log under the cut )


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