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Who: Nill [[livejournal.com profile] mutedfeather] & Badou [[livejournal.com profile] gimmesmokes] (& eventually Haine [[livejournal.com profile] safety_on]?)
Where A kitchen
When: During the calm period~
Rating: G, PG? Watch your mouth, Badou.
Summary: Badou and Nill have a cooking adventure.
the Story: four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie )
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Who: Schuldig, Badou, and possibly Haine
Where Floor 6, Room 66
When: Tuesday night.
Rating: Anywhere from R to NC-17.
Summary: Schu and Badou are either going to bone, or beat the shit out of each other. Either way, it should make for an awesome night.
the Story: Schuldig was absolutely enthralled. )


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