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Who: Dominion!Gabe/Maverick ([personal profile] onlyhomemade) SPN!Gabe/Jester ([personal profile] low_key_angel) and YOU!!
Where: Starting at the Bar. After party begins in Gabriels room, 10th floor, #536
When: Thursday night, 8pm till 2am at the bar, then till ????
Rating: R there just might be an orgy they're hoping for one
Summary: The Gabriel's decide to throw a real party at the Bar, then move festivities to Dominion Gabriel's room on the 10th floor for what they hope turns into an orgy, if enough people show.
The Story: Two Archangel Walk Into A Bar... )
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Who: Will Graham ([profile] notyourteacup) and YOU!
Where: The fifth floor bar, Will's room (floor 1, room 9), and anywhere that is a straight line between those two points.
When: backdated to around Feb 25th and running onward
Rating: PG-13 (drinking, rumination on death by a guy that just died...)
Summary: Things got bad, and then things got worse, and then public intoxication seemed like a good idea?
The Story: I'm tired and I want to go to bed )
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Who: Two Gabriels plus one Michael
Where: Michael's room
When: shortly after this frighteningly dull insight into Michael's life
Rating: Let's say R given these three
Summary: Michael has a frighteningly dull way of passing the time. Leave it to Gabriel one and two to intervene.
The Story: And commence the intervention )
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Who: William ([personal profile] whele) and Gabriel ([personal profile] onlyhomemade)
Where: Gabriels room, 10th floor #536
When: after his run in with mystique? sometime before the event
Rating: PG-13 18+? for morning wood, hangovers and possible language IDEK
Summary: William passed out in Gabriels room after a night of drinking.
The Story: Cause your hearts been cracked and everyone elses is goin' mad )

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Feb. 20th, 2015 07:13 pm
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WHO: Michael [personal profile] what_he_needs and Gabriel [personal profile] onlyhomemade;
WHERE: One or both of their rooms, the hallway, who knows;
WHEN: This event;
RATING: Pg, will update as needed;
SUMMARY: Brother talks;
It has been a long time, Gabriel. )
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When: ANYT-- Friday, February 20 to Monday, February 23
Rating: An average PG-13? (Consider warning for explicit sexual or violent content in your thread's subject line)
For the duration of this event each character will discover that their room has been replaced with one of their own memories, one that they find themselves particularly happy or "at home" in. More information can be found here.

This log is an opportunity for your characters to describe the memory playing in their room, so that other characters might visit, and watch the scene unfold. To help browse the collection better, please include your character's name, and their room number in the subject line (e.g. Seta Souji - 100, 6th floor) of your top-level comment.

Rooms/Comments may be locked to certain people, or be available for all to see & visit. Log participation is completely and entirely voluntary.

Have fun!
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Who: William Whele + anyone.
Where: Bar, Stairwell, hallways.
When: Month of February.
Rating: pg- 13 warning for alcohol consumption to forget problems.
Summary: William decides that drinking is going to be the cure to all his depressing thoughts.
The Story: Hypocrisy is digging in.... )
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Who: Mystique ([personal profile] eventheirvoice) and Gabriel ([personal profile] onlyhomemade)
Where: His room
When: Evening, 2/10
Rating: PG-13 for the time being
Summary: Gabriel invited Mystique to his room. He didn't give specifics on how their meeting had to go, though.
The Story: and (s)he’s eating my cheese )
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Who: Everyone is welcome, children and adults alike.
Where: First floor, ballroom.
When: 01/21, from about 9:00 PM on.
Rating: r;
Summary: Formal ball.

You don't look back on your life and remember the nights where you got plenty of sleep. )
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Who: Supernaturals Archangel Michael ([personal profile] quis_ut_deus ) and Dominions Archangel Gabriel ([personal profile] onlyhomemade )
Where: 10th floor, room 301 (Michaels room)
When: Late afternoon/early evening of the 17th?
Rating: Uuuhh … PG-13? I have no idea what's going to happen I'll adjust accordingly if need be.
Summary: Gabriel pays the other Michael a visit since it's been a while since he spoke to the other Archangel.
The Story: since we're together, we might as well say… )
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Who: William [personal profile] whele, Gabriel [personal profile] onlyhomemade and anyone else who wants to join in after.
Where: The bar
When: January 3rd. Backdated.
Rating: PG-13 I guess for...alcohol? For Gabriel?
Summary: Someone needs a drink after confronting an archangel.
The Story: Some get burned and some shine - Please pour me another wine )
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Who: Tohru and Dominion!Gabriel
Where: The Diner
When: Sometime in the afternoon of the 5th of January
Rating: PG? to PG-13? IDK if there will be swearing or not.
Summary: Gabriel misses Pie the Pie-Maker mostly Pie and could use some comfort. Also he may or may not try to break into that locked fridge. (Read as: he will)
The Story: When an Archangel falls in love... )
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Who: the Archangel Gabriel ([personal profile] onlyhomemade) and William Whele ([personal profile] whele)
Where: Williams room, 10th floor, 534
When: Dec 28th
Rating: PG? PG-13? IDEK if there will be words to look out for.
Summary: William is lost and turns to the Archangel for guidance.
The Story: Trying To Figure It Out )
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Who: Gabriel and YOU
Where: All over the Mansion
When: During Ewaymas 12/12-12/25
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Gabriel partakes in some of the holiday goodies and later holes up in the diner. Just when they've gotten comfortable for a few days he'll eat cookies and turn into his 8 year old self, escaping the diner into the Mansion for a bit of hide-and-seek... (Child Gabe will be responding to tags with [personal profile] dadslilangel)
The Story: Soon the Bells Will Chime )
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Who: EVERYONE (Yes, even Mirrors.)
Where: Eighth Floor Diner
When: 12/18
Rating: PG to PG-13
Summary: With the help of a Japanese schoolgirl, one man overcomes his neurosis and invites literally everyone to the diner.
The Story:

it's just a shot away )


Dec. 12th, 2014 12:20 am
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Who: Michael ([personal profile] what_he_needs) and everyone;
Where: The roof, dining room/kitchen, and other places;
When: During the event;
Rating: PG;
Summary: Effects of the event and little angels inside;

You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child. )
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Who: Dominion!Gabriel and anyone I plotted with but OTA
Where: All over Wonderland
When: 19th - 24th/ the duration of the event
Rating: R for gore, violence, language etc.
Summary: Gabriel can honestly say he's only had one death but it's enough to set the event upon him and make his abilities drive him insane enough to start slaughtering anyone who happens to cross his path. Until the others find him and take him somewhere safe to keep watch until this is over.
The Story: William Dies At The End )


Nov. 19th, 2014 08:48 pm
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Who: Michael ([personal profile] what_he_needs) and everyone
Where: Everywhere
When: 19th through the end of the event
Rating: R for hallucinations, language, etc.
Summary: Effects of the event, and a few starters (can make more if wanted)
At this point, the sequence of my memories is disrupted. )
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Who: dean winchester + you!!
Where: all around
When: 19th-23rd.
Rating: a for all things horrible
Summary: it's not good to be a winchester during an event based on your number of deaths...

The Story: i think i've lost my mind )
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Who: Gabriel and you!
Where: In the bar
When: Nov 10
Rating: PG - possibly worse
Summary: Poor archangel coping mechanisms
The Story: Three Tequila, Floor )

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Oct. 30th, 2014 12:34 am
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Who: Michael ([personal profile] what_he_needs) and Gabriel ([personal profile] onlyhomemade)
Where: Gabriel's room; number 536
When: October 30; after the Storybrooke event
Rating: R
Summary: Drinking and coping
A bond between souls is ancient - older than the planet. )
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Who: Gabriel Brodric & Michael Brodric, also a little of Pastor Whele but OTA!!
Where: Storybrooke
When: sometime between the 25th and 26th of Oct
Rating: PG-13 for language and such will change if something changes
Summary: It was just a normal day until suddenly he sprouted wings and began getting flashes of confusing things as if he was remembering another life.
The Story: Drinking those moments, when the blackness would hit me... )
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Who: Toothless and you.
Where: Many places! Almost anywhere.
When: 10/2
Rating: G for now. Will update if it changes.
Summary: Toothless is feeling a bit lonely, so he decides to wander over the course of the day and see what mischief he can get into. Because playtime is the most important thing. Also, sleeping.
The Story: Less dodging of school bureaucrats, and more rolling in the sand and eating fish. )
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Who: Michael ([personal profile] what_he_needs) and Gabriel ([personal profile] onlyhomemade).
Where: His room, 532.
When: Early on September 29th.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: One brother gives the other a pet.
The Story:but I can't think of them right now )
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Who: The Archangel Gabriel ([personal profile] onlyhomemade) and Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing ([personal profile] humanities_greatest)
Where: Tenth floor, room 536 (Gabe's room)
When: Tonight
Rating: M for language, potential adult themes, who knows with these two
Summary: Integra asks Gabriel for that drink he offered when they first met, he invites her to his humble abode
The Story: It makes it easier to say-ay-it. )
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Who:Real!Gabriel and Mirror!Gabe (OTA seriously)
Where:Mirrorverse or Wonderland
When: The duration of the event.
Rating:I'll slap a PG-13 on this just cause it's Gabe but will change if it goes in other places for one reason or another.
Summary: Mirror!Gabriel answers his Queen and crosses over, throwing his real self into the mirror world and the Archangel is going to go poke around where he doesn't belong. Still no regrets in not breaking his mirror.
The Story: Giving another meaning to reflecting on one's self? )


Sep. 17th, 2014 08:58 pm
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Who: The archangel Michael, not his mirror or his other self.
Where: A mix of mansion locations.
When: Shortly after the mirror versions start cropping up.
Rating: PG-13; will edit if necessary.
Summary: Just some run of the mill, bumping into people kind of thing.
The Story: Expand I'm obviously myself, not a copy. )


Sep. 8th, 2014 06:02 pm
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Who: The Archangel's Michael and Gabriel
Where: The beach
When: Backdated to Friday, the 5th
Rating: PG-13; will change it if it needs to be.
Summary: After the events of the Oregon Trail event.
The Story: Expand Frater, non tamen oblitus abiit. )
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Who: the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Other Michael and Lucifer and YOU?? [OPEN for parties wanting to run into them, but seriously no one in their right mind wants to travel with four suddenly human angels…]
Where: All over the Oregon Trail (They need a miracle to make it to Dennys)
When: RIGHT NOW 8/31-9/4, the duration of the event
Rating: PG-13 and up? Potential violence, language, nudity and death. WHO KNOWS?? Anything can happen...
Summary: What happens when you turn a bunch of Archangels human and make them ride in a wagon together for several days with next to nothing and no clue how to be mortal?? The Oregon Trail, that's what.
The Story: This is probably hilarious to everyone else but them. )


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