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Who: Legion and you!
Where: All over the mansion
When: Early to mid January
Rating: G-PG most likely
Summary: Adorable robots walking adorable rabbits
The Story:

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Who: Renfield and YOU.
Where: Outside and inside the mansion
When: Jan. 9th
Rating: PG (may go higher)
Summary: Renfield wanted to escape an asylum, not wander into a madhouse.
The Story: But not the ones I pose. )
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Who: Kate Fuller & You (Yeah and maybe Richie Gecko okay. This could happen)
Where: Various Locations in Wonderland
When: Early to Mid January.
Rating: PG+ to NSFW.
Summary: Kate settles into Wonderland
The Story: ❝ just slowly turning upside down, like a ship flipping over in the ocean?❞ )


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