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Who: Sam Winchester, Ellie, Robyn Cousland, their Mirrors, and YOU
Where: The mansion, the second mansion, and the Mirror side
When: September 1-10
Rating: Let's say PG-13 to be safe for language and possible mild violence.
Summary: Parties, exploration, encounters, and more during the 4th wall event
The Story: the girl in the corner is everyone's mourner, she could kill you with a wink of her eye )
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Who: Barry Allen and YOU!
Where: Grounds and kitchens, primarily.
When: 15/07 - 18/07 — Genderswap catch-all and post-event!
Rating: PG.
Summary: Barry Allen is the fastest woman alive. And a hopeless one at that.
The Story: make a dragon want to retire, man )
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Who: The Grey Wardens of Wonderland - Alistair, Anders, Nathaniel & Robyn
Where: The grounds
When: A sunny day in July
Rating: PG - minor swearing at worst
Summary: The Grey Wardens are a proud order of defenders and their members must always be on their guard for sneak attacks
The Story: Begin training exercise )
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Who: River Tam and YOU
Where: Hallways surrounding the library, different one depending on the day
When: Throughout the first couple weeks of July
Rating: Uhhh PG? I'll update if anything happens
Summary: River hovers around the library and might even enter! Wow! But probably not. Also includes catch-all for anyone from the CR Meme (or otherwise) who needs to get ahold of her.
The Story: and crumble to a pile of dust and fertilize )
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Who: Robyn and Alistair
Where: The woods
When: July 3rd
Rating: PG, but with angst??
Summary: After receiving a mysterious message, Robyn meets up with Alistair. An impromptu camping trip and painful conversation ensues.
The Story: oh sister i will help you out )
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Who: hooker & YOU, & some others (Alistair, River, Freya)
Where: scattered places in the mansion
When: over the next few months idk spread out a little bit!
Rating: could end up with violence possibly but I don't think it'll be too bad
Summary: dark pirate shenanigans and working toward a reveal!
The Story: ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ ɪ'ᴍ ᴡᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴜᴘ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ. )
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Who: You! !oot ,uoy dnA
Where: Wonderland, both Real and Mirror side
When: June 3 to June 10
Rating: PG-13, will vary by thread, warnings for higher ratings appreciated
Summary: A catch-all log for Mirrors and Reals during the reverse espionage event. Anything from Mirrors leading their daily lives, over Reals reacting to the show, to Reals and Mirrors exchanging messages goes here. Just label your locations and sides accordingly!
The Story: Turn me around, dear, so I can see them all. )


May. 8th, 2016 01:20 pm
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Who: Zelena and you!
Where: Somewhere in the Deep Roads
When: 5/5 – 5/9
Rating: PG/PG-13 for some sort of magical violence
Summary: In which Zelena actually likes part of this event. What is wrong with her?
The Story: no seriously what is her problem )


May. 7th, 2016 10:53 pm
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Who: Arya/Elizabeth and OPEN
Where: The Deep Roads
When: May 5-9
Rating: PG for now
Summary: Catch all for Elizabeth and Arya exploring the Deep Roads!
The Story: insert witty cut text here )
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Who: Morrigan + you!
Where: the Deep Roads
When: 5/5-5/9
Rating: PG-13ish. Violence is expected, but probably not super graphic?
Summary: One trip through the Deep Roads was enough, but this mansion-shaped prison is still a prison. Maybe there's a path out.
Note: Insert your own pre-5/9 prompt if you'd like! I'm game. Or you can pm or pp me if you have a craving for something specific.
The Story: everything's weird and we're always in danger )
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Who: Alistair & Mystique + others maybe
Where: Around Wonderland
When: April 22nd and several days after
Rating: PG-13, talk of death
Summary: Alistair has gotten first-hand experience with Wonderland deaths and he really needs to just not think about anything for a while thanks.
The Story: You'd think that would be easy for him )

[OOC: This is mostly for pre-arranged threads but if you want something just PM me or hit me up at [plurk.com profile] fetchquesting.]
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Who: Robyn Cousland and YOU
Where: Tenth floor, room 030 (the chapel) & the forest clearing. You can also catch her traveling to and from those locations!
When: April 27th
Rating: PG/PG-13 for mild language and talk of death
Summary: Not long after being told that she's going to die in her own world, the Warden was bitten by one of the Infected and then died to prevent turning. A week after she returns, she has to face that truth in a much more concrete way than before.
The Story: and later say it's all our fault )
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Who: Philip the Magnificent ([personal profile] radiopalkiller) & YOU
Where: The Library & The Network
When: Friday, April 22
Rating: PG-13 for demon deals and raw lizard hearts?
Summary: A physicist and a dark grimoire walk into a bar, aka. "never too late to learn a new hobby, right?"
The Story: I'm a sinner, and my friend, you'd best beware! )

[[ OOC: Both prose and tag spam is welcome, will match format! Philip is a mute telepath, so have a quick look at his info post if you're like 'help why aren't you making words and why is there a voice in my head' ]]
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Who: Alistair & Open | Alistair & Robyn
Where: Throughout the mansion
When: April 16th to 20th
Rating: PG-13 to start with, may be upped later
Summary: A Warden and some monsters that spread infection wherever they go. Business as usual really.
The Story: Dawn of the dead - Great movie. Sucky reality. )


Apr. 4th, 2016 10:03 pm
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Who: Jowan and YOU
Where: Dining room
When: April 3rd
Rating: PG, worst is probably some name calling and a whining mage
Summary: Jowan has the worst timing for coming out of hiding
The Story: mage fails at life, film at 11 )
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Who: Everyone and some adorable, rolly polly, purring kittens.
Where: Ballroom.
When: April 4th.
Rating: PG? It's kittens, how bad can it get.
Summary: As advertised, Anders wished for some kittens, now there are kittens, please adopt a kitten, kittens everywhere.

The Story: cat scratch fever )
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Who: River and OPEN
Where: Library or kitchen
When: During the event: 4/1 - 4/3
Rating: PG-13? I'll update as needed
Summary: River is missing the part of her brain that suppresses emotions. She suddenly gains the ability to mute them entirely.
The Story: so close to the fear of what i already know )
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Who: Nathaniel Howe & OPEN
Where: The Mansion
When: Nowish
Rating: PG-13 for now
Summary: The worst thing is he actually has some dignity to lose.


Read more... )
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Who: Garrett Hawke & Dorian Pavus | Garrett Hawke & You
Where: Hawke's room | The beach, the kitchens, the grounds
When: March 17th
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: It's time for something of an intervention | Hawke tries to find... healthier coping processes.
The Story: live it up tonight )
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Who: Mystique & [open]
Where: The training center!
When: Afternoon of March 14
Rating: PG-13 to start?
Summary: Aggression is best taken out on inanimate objects, if one wants to avoid undesirable consequences.
The Story: I'm not crying, it's just raining on my face )
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Who: Robyn, Alistair, Carver, and Anders, AKA Wonderland's Grey Wardens
Where: The roof
When: March 11th, night
Rating: PG-13 for Grey Wardens
Summary: After the fourth one arrived, it became time for a meeting of their (however disgruntled) order.
The Story: the stronghold lives on, the army's reborn )
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Who: Cullen Rutherford ([personal profile] morework) & [CLOSED to Alistair ([personal profile] fatherlesskind) & Ellie ([personal profile] backpacking)]
Where: The Dining Hall
When: backdated to Sunday, 3/6
Rating: PG-13
Summary: I don't know about always, but since my memory began. Which, after an encounter with the fawn, is not very much to go on for Cullen.
The Story: I will not forsake You, even if I forget myself... )

02 ❆

Mar. 8th, 2016 10:36 pm
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Who: Arya and OPEN
Where: The corridors of the mansion, then Arya's room
When: March 8
Rating: G, will update if needed
Summary: Arya disposes of too many swords, then chills in her blanket fort
The Story: insert witty cut text here )
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Who: Isabela and YOU
Where: The mansion, the gardens, the beach, EVERYWHERE
When: March 2-March 6 (duration of the event)
Rating: PG-13? Probably
Summary: Winter is finally gone and someone is actually leaving the bar to explore the grounds without freezing to death in skimpy clothing.
The Story: Because I am not myself, you see. )
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Who: EVERYONE and all the stars in the sky
Where: Mostly on the grounds, though some have crashed through windows and walls.
When: 2/29 → 3/6
Rating: PG-13, label it if you're gonna go higher.
Summary: Shooting stars have fallen in Wonderland, and they're bringing with them glimmers of Wonderyears past! A catch all log for the fallen star holograms.
The Story: Never let it fade away. )
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Who: Alistair ([personal profile] fatherlesskind) and YOU
Where: All around Wonderland
When: February 12th
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Summary: Without so much as a pillow fight to be seen, Alistair has to amuse himself somehow. In a very regal, solemn manner, naturally.
The Story: There's nothing lamer than a condescending dillweed in a can! )
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Who: Alex Kralie and anyone/everyone
Where: All around Gravity Falls
When: February 5th-9th (specify which day in the subject header)
Rating: Let's say PG-13. Alex is a foulmouth
Summary: Fairies and gremloblins and tourist traps, oh my!
The Story: beneath the cut!

but I knew you'd miss this place )
[ooc: prose or brackets are good, will match accordingly]
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Who: Peridot, a boy band, and YOU
Where: The Woods
When: February 5th-9th
Rating: PG
Summary: Peridot has had it up to her pointy hair with human nonsense and retreats into the woods to document this strange event in peace. She is then stalked by a group of identical humans. Shenanigans ensue.
The Story: don't care what is written in your history, as long as you're here with me. )


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