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Who: Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked) and anyone!
Where: Alexandria.
When: Backdated to July 15-16th.
Rating: PG-13 for our unwelcomed guests, the zombies.
Summary: No Starbucks, but you get a mage with a big stick. A late edition to the zombie event, but I mean, it's zombies. Gotta love zombies.
The Story:

i'll sail away on a wave of mutilation )
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Who: Bucky and anyone
Where: Ski resort and mansion
When: The event and the day after
Rating: Event death
Summary: All things snowy and cold
The Story: and it made the trees rustle like living things )
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Who: Barry Allen & Savitar + Katherine Pierce & Katerina Petrova + YOU
Where: Real Side & Mirror Side
When: May 13 - May 20.
Rating: PG, though there's violence for Barry.
Summary: Savitar and Katerina cross over to the Real Side to cause some havoc, while Barry and Katherine do a little snooping on the mirror side. Barry also gets severely injured and struggles to cope. Katherine just steals shoes, and Vasilka does everything in her power to bring Katherine back.
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Who: The ARRIVAL of Claire Fraser, the assistance of Anders, and you as she explores.
Where: First, the gardens. Then exploring.
When: The week of May 8th.
Rating: PGish? Will update if needed
Summary: Claire arrives and Anders is there to fix her injuries with magic herbs. no, not those magic herbs. Then, she wanders dressed in nothing but the remains of the bottom of a dress and an oversized tartan kilt cinched with a belt because lol what is magic.
Notes: Will match bracket or prose! If you'd like a specific starter, ping me on plurk @ [ profile] propernice
The Story: I seem to have fallen through time. )

I feel very much the stranger in a strange land. - OTA )
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Who: Clementine + you
Where: Mansion
When: April 5 - 12. Plus, all of April and May
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Clementine returns from her canon update. Feel free to reply to the network post here since I won't actually spam the network community too. Action spam or prose is totally cool with me.
The Story: hung over fragile bones. let her go. )
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Who: Kurt Weller + YOU
Where: All over Wonderland
When: April 5th (after the event) - April 15th
Rating: PG
Summary: Kurt gets a basketball court set up, enjoys some beer from home, teaches self-defense, and cooks up some cheesesteaks.
The Story: going down the only road I've ever known )

[ if you want to hit Kurt up somewhere else, just send me a pm or hit me up on plurk: [ profile] cityoflight ]
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Who: the girl of steel & you in the back over there
Where: alllll over
When: during the event
Rating: ... honestly, probably pg-13. depends on how bad the bar fight gets
The Story: unless you were born there in which case it's not really a frontier. )
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Who: Georgia, Kon, YOU
Where: SPACE.
When: 4/1 - 4/4 over the course of the event
Rating: PGish?
Summary: Georgia's got a flying bike and Kon's got a flying... self. Catch-all for the event.
The Story:

[Prompts in the comments! Let me know at [ profile] antivillain or antivillain#2451 on discord if you want something specific that doesn't fit!]
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Who: Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked), Robyn Cousland ([personal profile] heroica), and Nathaniel Howe ([personal profile] noble_son).
Where: Room three, fourth floor.
When: March 4th.
Rating: PG.
Summary: The Thedosian Wardens come together to investigate a new lead on Wonderland. Also known as: a cautionary tale in what not to do with a powerful artifact.
The Story:

know they must have toiled in vain )
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Who: Lucifer Morningstar and OTA
Where: Deux Lux, Floor 6, Room 66
When: Anytime in March
Rating: TBD, probably PG-13 or so
Summary: Lucifer does what he does almost every other night - he has a party. Shenanigans and conversation ensue. This is essentially a catch-all for March for him. Let me know if you want something specific.
The Story: Now The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In )
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Who: Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked) and you!
Where: Around the mansion.
When: Feb. 5th.
Rating: No more than PG-13? Probably?
Summary: Join Anders and his furry companions in the joy of surviving a flooded mansion to the tune of .
The Story:

drowning to breathe )
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Who: EVERYONE, but especially you!
Where: Wonderland Ballroom
When: New Year's Eve
Rating: PG - PG13 (will change if applicable)
Summary: New Year's Eve Party
The Story:

[The morning of December 31st, all residents will receive a handwritten invitation slipped under their door.]

You are cordially invited to attend a party
celebrating the New Year

Wonderland Ballroom
8 pm - 1 am

Semi-Formal Attire
Buffet & Bar
No RSVP Required

All Ages Welcome

For inquiries, contact E. O'Connell

Sing Auld Lang Syne )
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Who: Naoki and Anders
Where: First floor tea room
When: 12/30
Rating: PG, likely
Summary: Naoki might be a little late, but at least he remembered to do the whole Secret Santa thing at all.
The Story: I mean, he could have just blown it off. )
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Who: Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked) and Minato Arisato ([personal profile] jivitadana).
Where: First floor tea room.
When: Dec. 28th.
Rating: PG, probably.
Summary: A late Secret Santa gift exchange wherein Anders does his first Christmas proud and they try to wash the taste of Ewaymas out of their mouths.
The Story:

candy canes and mistletoe )
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Where: Your dreams!
When: December 15th - December 25th, whenever a character is asleep.
Rating: PG-13 (Warn if Higher)
Summary: A catch-all for everyone's mysterious alternate Wonderland dreams!
The Story: Just like the ones I used to know. )
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Who: Michonne + 2 closed starters (for Regina Mills and Rick Grimes) and 2 very open starters!
Where: Open sections = beach and bar. Two best things that start with a B.
When: Around the month of December
Rating: PG-13 to start? Yeah, sure.
Summary: Michonne gets the 411 from Regina, confronts Rick, then takes to the beach and drinks at the bar. Typical.
The Story: If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. )
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Who: Rick Grimes and YOU.
Where: Around the mansion.
When: 11/17.
Rating: PG-13, will update as needed.
Summary: Rick works on getting his bearings.
The Story: But it is interesting )
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Who: Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked), Cullen Rutherford ([personal profile] morework), Garrett Hawke ([personal profile] bloodmagics), Nathaniel Howe ([personal profile] noble_son), and Robyn Cousland ([personal profile] heroica).
Where: First floor, room ten.
When: Backdated to Nov. 2. (Room will remain from Nov. 2-7th for anyone who wants to celebrate in the Antivan tradition.)
Rating: PG? Will change if Cullen loses at Wicked Grace.
Summary: A belated Satinalia celebration for aging dragons. It's time to eat your feelings and drink away your woes, just like the Maker intended.
The Story:

let go of all your haunted dreams tonight )
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Who: Toriel Dreemurr and You!
Where: The classroom and beyond.
When: Pretty much all the time!
Rating: G-PG, unless someone brings in something higher.
Summary: Professor Dreemurr's teaches transfiguration, among other things.
The Story:

I have always wanted to be a teacher! )
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Who: 5th Year Hufflepuff Prefect, Darcy Lewis & You!
Where: All over the Mansion
When: October 1st to 5th
Rating: Probably up to PG-13, will update as needed
Summary: Various starters under cut for the Hogwarts event, including a study group opportunity across the houses
The Story: ❝Is it all that you dreamed of?❞  )
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Who: Professor Kurt Weller + YOU!
Where: Literally everywhere!
When: Throughout the event
Rating: Doubtful it would be higher than PG but will edit if needed
Summary: Professor Kurt Weller will be in his element teaching Charms class and assisting students after class who may need extra assistance; he will be enjoying some time at Hogsmeade; spending time in the common (he is Gryffindor Head of House); and for fun, there will be a movie marathon of the best muggle movies played on an old-fashioned projector!

The Story: the world is full of magic things )
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Who: Professor Jane Doe and you!
Where: All around Hogwarts/Hogsmeade/wherever!
When: All through the event
Rating: I can't see it going higher than PG? Will change if needed
Summary: Professor Doe has office hours, time spent in the common room, shopping at Hogsmeade and other places. If you want a specific starter I'm happy to toss a top-level up! just let me know either via PM or plurk @propernice. Also, prose or brackets, either way! Will adjust!
The Story: I gotta get myself to Hogwarts where everything is magic-coooooooool )
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Who: Cullen Rutherford ([personal profile] morework) & YOU
Where: Entrance Hall
When: 08/20-08/21, the night from Saturday to Sunday
Rating: PG-13 for blood and violence
Summary: Several months have passed in Thedas. Cullen is in the middle of fighting his way through a demon army, when Wonderland decides that it's time for him to come back. He has mixed feelings about the timing of that.
The Story: (The mix in question is frustration and annoyance.) )
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Who: Jowan and YOU
Where: Outside on the castle's grounds
When: Various times in the day throughout the next week
Rating: Entirely tame
Summary: Jowan is getting his training montage on. Or trying to anyway.
The Story: gratuitous mulan reference here )
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Who: Albus Severus Potter and You
Where: Seventh Floor, The Library, The Gardens
When: 8/10
Rating: PG
Summary: Albus wakes up to find he's no longer at Hogwarts. After the month he's had, this is not a good sign.
The Story: Counting backwards the days 'til I'm home )
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Who: Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked) and Barry Allen ([personal profile] accelerate).
Where: Tea room to start. (Pity party at the bar TBD.)
When: Aug. 9th.
Rating: PG for now?
Summary: Thanks to the depowering, a mage loses his magic and a speedster loses his speed. Being normal sucks, man. It just sucks.
The Story:

show me how defenseless you are, satisfied and empty inside )


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