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Apr. 5th, 2016 07:12 pm
cabalistically: (27)
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Who: Carver and Solas
Where: The bar
When: April 5
Rating: PG 13?
Summary: Solas is having a mildly traumatic week. Carver is testing a theory.
The Story: A human and an elf walk into a bar… )
ladysunshines: (Bethany is :|)
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Who: Bethany Hawke and [open]
Where: Outside the caves!
When: Now...ish?
Rating: PG-13 for now!
Summary: Yass queen

The Story: ☼☼☼ )
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Who: Carver Hawke ([profile] shitlaof) + Fenris ([personal profile] scowls)
Where: Fenris' room
When: March 17
Rating: Safe... idk. Will update if necessary.
Summary: Fenris doesn't know how to read. Enter Carver Hawke: Amateur Teacher.

This can only end well. )
circlejerked: (↯ sometimes you may forget)
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Who: Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked) and Carver Hawke ([personal profile] shitloaf).
Where: Kitchen.
When: March 16th.
Rating: PG-13 for these two being in a room together? Maybe? Sort of? We'll see.
Summary: It's a small world and people are bound to run into each other. No tiny fluffballs or kitchens were harmed in the making of this reunion between Anders and Carver (hopefully).

The Story: where worlds collide, blood divides )
heroica: ('cause what's in a name)
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Who: Robyn, Alistair, Carver, and Anders, AKA Wonderland's Grey Wardens
Where: The roof
When: March 11th, night
Rating: PG-13 for Grey Wardens
Summary: After the fourth one arrived, it became time for a meeting of their (however disgruntled) order.
The Story: the stronghold lives on, the army's reborn )


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