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Who: Robyn, Brennan, and Dorian
Where: Third floor, room 028
When: July 29th
Rating: PG
Summary: She'd been dragging her feet in telling the truth to two of her closest friends in Wonderland. Finally, she brings herself to their door with the intention of speaking it.
The Story: just what you're worth )
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Who: Cullen Rutherford, Garret Hawke, Garret Hawke's mabari & Dorian Pavus
Where: 1st floor
When: Friday, July 22
Rating: PG
Summary: Dog kisses. Moustache paintings. On the bright side, this is probably the most rest Cullen's gotten in a decade.
The Story: And the path is dark )
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Who: Lovers of musicals, and people who are dragged along
Where: 3rd floor tea room
When: Saturday July 9, 8:00pm to 12:30am
Rating: Depends on the thread. Please put warnings as appropriate!
Summary: Two musicals in one night! Moulin Rouge for the people who believe in love stories; Sweeney Todd for the sickos. It's a mingle, so go ahead and post top-level comments and tag around!
The Story: There was a barber and his wife... )
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Who: EVERYONE (if they want to live)
Where: EVERYWHERE (inside the mansion, knocking on doors)
When: 6/24 - 6/27
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: The Summerween Trickster has made his decree - Trick or treat...or die! This is a mingle log for Trick-or-Treating!
The Story: This is Summerween! This is Summerween! )
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Who: Caitlin Snow + Dorian Pavus; Caitlin + friends; Caitlin + YOU!
Where: Gardens, Library, Kitchen, Dining Room, Tea Room, etc
When: June 13 and beyond
Rating: PG-13; just to be safe, there may be intense imagery.
Summary: An already broken Caitlin arrives in Wonderland and is saddled with dealing with it and her baggage.
The Story: snap out of it, you're not listening to this. )
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Who: Dorian “I’m Exquisite” Pavus & Cullen “Lions Are a Fashion Statement” Rutherford
Where: Cullen’s Room
When: 6/08
Rating: PG; will update as needed.
Summary: Someone has to talk Cullen down from the lyrium ledge.
The Story: maybe today )
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Who: One Philip, many bees, and YOU!
Where: The Grounds
When: Saturday, June 4th
Rating: Bee-G 13
Summary: It's not that Philip is oblivious to the event. It's just that Mirrors can go screw themselves, and if they're about to cross over, then he's going to be prepared.
The Story: The note depicts a jar of bees hitting someone in the face. Also a butt. )
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Who: Garrett Hawke & Dorian Pavus | Garrett Hawke & You
Where: Hawke's room | The beach, the kitchens, the grounds
When: March 17th
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: It's time for something of an intervention | Hawke tries to find... healthier coping processes.
The Story: live it up tonight )
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Who: Isabela and YOU
Where: The mansion, the gardens, the beach, EVERYWHERE
When: March 2-March 6 (duration of the event)
Rating: PG-13? Probably
Summary: Winter is finally gone and someone is actually leaving the bar to explore the grounds without freezing to death in skimpy clothing.
The Story: Because I am not myself, you see. )
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Who: EVERYONE and all the stars in the sky
Where: Mostly on the grounds, though some have crashed through windows and walls.
When: 2/29 → 3/6
Rating: PG-13, label it if you're gonna go higher.
Summary: Shooting stars have fallen in Wonderland, and they're bringing with them glimmers of Wonderyears past! A catch all log for the fallen star holograms.
The Story: Never let it fade away. )


Feb. 29th, 2016 08:14 am
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Who Courier Six/Dan Palmer and YOU~
Where: Library
When: Feb 29th
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After Victor Frankenstein put the idea of reading being a thing worth doing into his head, he's been trying to improve his literacy skills. It's a frustrating process.


My day is all booked. )
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Who: Robyn Cousland, Brennan Trevelyan, and Dorian Pavus
Where: Third floor, room 028
When: February 10th
Rating: PG
Summary: While in Gravity Falls, Robyn is delighted to come across a ~quaint~ little gift shop. She spends all her magic money there picking out gifts for her friends, and when they return to Wonderland, one of her first stops is to the room of those from Thedas she's closest with.
The Story: i'll be counting up my demons, yeah, hoping everything's not lost )
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Who: Cullen Rutherford & YOU!
Where: Various! (forest, dining hall, library,...)
When: February 1st, all day
Rating: PG-13, will update if necessary
Summary: Cullen has found no comfort in the explanations offered to him so far. He turns to prayer and books next, but these, too, will only do so much to put his mind at ease. For an abominable prison, at least, Wonderland is rather spacious, even if a certain recent arrival yet denies himself most of its luxuries.
The Story: The Veal holds no uncertainty for her, and she will know no fear of death, for the Maker shall be her bacon and her shield... )
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Who: Commander Cullen "No. This Is Ridiculous" Rutherford ([personal profile] morework), The Esteemed Magister Dorian "I'm The Val Royeux Of People" Pavus ([personal profile] magisterium), and a demon ([personal profile] outofthebreach)
Where: The forest
When: 01/19, after this and this.
Rating: PG-13, will adjust if needed
Summary: Commander Cullen is having a somewhat difficult time adjusting to his new surroundings. An ally such as Dorian could probably really help to facilitate the transition. The stranger at his side who claims the Inquisitor's title probably really won't.
The Story: The fear of death is in your eyes; its hand is upon your throat. )
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Who: Warden Robyn Cousland and you!
Where: The fifth floor bar.
When: Saturday, December 5th.
Rating: PG-13 for language, maybe? Probably just PG, though.
Summary: It's difficult enough when one of your friends doesn't remember you. When more and more people claim you never existed, doubts really begin to bloom.
The Story: doesn't mean it's never been this way before )
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Who: Dorian Pavus & you!
Where: The bar.
When: 11/21, mid-afternoon until well past midnight.
Rating: R, potentially.
Summary: In failing to save the Herald of Andraste, Dorian feels he's responsible for dooming Thedas-- but the fact that Brennan's memories and his own now contradict has complicated things further.
The Story: Like all the burning hoops of fire that you and I passed through; )
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Who: Garrett Hawke & Inquisitor Trevelyan, / later you
Where: The outside entrance to the tunnels / the kitchen, bar and anywhere possible
When: October 5th
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: Hawke arrives in Wonderland, fresh off an expedition
The Story: so many pressures, on my mind )
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Who: Dorian Pavus & you!
Where: The gardens, then throughout the mansion and grounds.
When: 9/16 - 9/20
Rating: R, probably.
Summary: Dorian returns from his long visit home on the 16th, and is welcomed back by a nasty event the day afterwards. Splendid work, Wonderland! This log will have heavy spoilers for DA:I Trespasser, as a note to those who would prefer to avoid them.
The Story: And all my friends have been disaffected; )
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Who: Warden Cousland and YOU
Where: Outside (various)
When: 08/29
Rating: PG...?
Summary: The day Robyn arrives to Wonderland is very busy and very confusing.

perhaps we should review what we've learned? )
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Who: Helena and everyone who wants to come (Gathering Style)
Where: Helena's room
When: Friday, August 21st, 7:00 p.m.
Rating: G
Summary: Helena hosts a showing of Disney's Robin Hood. (watch here if you'd like!) Treat this post as a gathering and tag in,tag around, have fun!
The Story: Oo De Lally )
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Who: Angel, Lily Potter & you!
Where: Various!
When: 7/18 - 7/22
Rating: PG
Summary: Event log! Angel investigates things on the other side of the glass, while Lily tries to defend against some of the nastier Mirrors on the Real Side. Other characters may have closed, pre-arranged threads on this log, as well.
The Story: Now I'm tired and I don't wanna walk anymore; )
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Who: Castiel, Mirror!Castiel, and YOU
Where: All around the Real Side and the Mirrorside
When: 07/16 - 07/23
Rating: PGish
Summary: Castiel inspects the rifts in hopes of determining how they work and eventually ends up on the Mirrorside, swapping his Mirror over to the Real Side.
The Story: you shouldn't miss )
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Who: Brennan Trevelyan, Dorian Pavus and anyone else out poking at the rips.
Where: All over the Mansion and grounds.
When: Thursday, July 16
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: Despite having just arrived, Brennan heads out to try and do something about the strange rifts that have popped up all over. He's... mildly successful?
The Story: This was a piece of home I could have done without, honestly. )


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