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Who: Robyn, Brennan, and Dorian
Where: Third floor, room 028
When: July 29th
Rating: PG
Summary: She'd been dragging her feet in telling the truth to two of her closest friends in Wonderland. Finally, she brings herself to their door with the intention of speaking it.
The Story: just what you're worth )

[ OPEN ]

Jun. 17th, 2016 09:21 pm
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Who: Kurt Weller + YOU
Where: Around the mansion
When: June 17 and beyond
Rating: PG (I think)
Summary: Broken, haunted emo FBI agent dealing with his emotional baggage. Come say hi! Get drunk or train at the gym with him. Or insist he just relax a little and have some pie. XD
The Story: life is not death, my dear, it requires some panache )
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Who: One Philip, many bees, and YOU!
Where: The Grounds
When: Saturday, June 4th
Rating: Bee-G 13
Summary: It's not that Philip is oblivious to the event. It's just that Mirrors can go screw themselves, and if they're about to cross over, then he's going to be prepared.
The Story: The note depicts a jar of bees hitting someone in the face. Also a butt. )
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Who: Brennan and Anyone! | Also available for top-levels if people need a spot to drop random hallway-clearing/fighting threads!
Where: the Hallways, during the event
When: April 16-20
Rating: Pg-13 at least for violence (could be higher)
Summary: Brennan gets as many people as he can to the bar before the barrier goes up. The rest of the time he spends patrolling the hallways to keep them as clear as he can and to help any stragglers get somewhere safe.
The Story: How hard can it be? )

[ OOC: Brennan will be available for escorting/protecting people on their way to a safe zone if necessary, coming to someone's rescue, or falling in to fight alongside them whenever the opportunity arises.]
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Who: Alistair & Open | Alistair & Robyn
Where: Throughout the mansion
When: April 16th to 20th
Rating: PG-13 to start with, may be upped later
Summary: A Warden and some monsters that spread infection wherever they go. Business as usual really.
The Story: Dawn of the dead - Great movie. Sucky reality. )
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Who: Nathaniel Howe & OPEN
Where: The Mansion
When: Nowish
Rating: PG-13 for now
Summary: The worst thing is he actually has some dignity to lose.


Read more... )
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Who: Bethany Hawke and [open]
Where: Outside the caves!
When: Now...ish?
Rating: PG-13 for now!
Summary: Yass queen

The Story: ☼☼☼ )
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Who: Garrett Hawke & Dorian Pavus | Garrett Hawke & You
Where: Hawke's room | The beach, the kitchens, the grounds
When: March 17th
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: It's time for something of an intervention | Hawke tries to find... healthier coping processes.
The Story: live it up tonight )
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Who: Brennan Trevelyan and Cullen Rutherford
Where: Cullen's Room
When: 3/14
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Summary: The Inquisitor seeks out the Commander to compare notes.
The Story: Wait, what? )
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Who: Robyn Cousland and Brennan Trevelyan
Where: the Bar
When: 3/11
Rating: PG-13ish maybe if you squint? Mentions of violence and dark themes and possibly some language your mother would disapprove of.
Summary: So the Inquisitor might have been leaving some important facts unspoken all this time and it's probably going to bite him in the ass.
The Story: these multiple universes are really starting to give him a headache. )
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Who: EVERYONE and all the stars in the sky
Where: Mostly on the grounds, though some have crashed through windows and walls.
When: 2/29 → 3/6
Rating: PG-13, label it if you're gonna go higher.
Summary: Shooting stars have fallen in Wonderland, and they're bringing with them glimmers of Wonderyears past! A catch all log for the fallen star holograms.
The Story: Never let it fade away. )
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Who: Robyn Cousland, Brennan Trevelyan, and Dorian Pavus
Where: Third floor, room 028
When: February 10th
Rating: PG
Summary: While in Gravity Falls, Robyn is delighted to come across a ~quaint~ little gift shop. She spends all her magic money there picking out gifts for her friends, and when they return to Wonderland, one of her first stops is to the room of those from Thedas she's closest with.
The Story: i'll be counting up my demons, yeah, hoping everything's not lost )
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Who: Commander Cullen "No. This Is Ridiculous" Rutherford ([personal profile] morework), The Esteemed Magister Dorian "I'm The Val Royeux Of People" Pavus ([personal profile] magisterium), and a demon ([personal profile] outofthebreach)
Where: The forest
When: 01/19, after this and this.
Rating: PG-13, will adjust if needed
Summary: Commander Cullen is having a somewhat difficult time adjusting to his new surroundings. An ally such as Dorian could probably really help to facilitate the transition. The stranger at his side who claims the Inquisitor's title probably really won't.
The Story: The fear of death is in your eyes; its hand is upon your throat. )
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Who: Sam Winchester, Snow White, Ellie, Robyn Cousland, and YOU
Where: Various.
When: December 12th - December 26th
Rating: PG-R for language and likely violence, potential for character death.
Summary: See various character top levels below! Basically, Wonderland Christmas is as fun as always...
The Story: Expand( though the frost was cruel )
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Who: Warden Robyn Cousland and you!
Where: The fifth floor bar.
When: Saturday, December 5th.
Rating: PG-13 for language, maybe? Probably just PG, though.
Summary: It's difficult enough when one of your friends doesn't remember you. When more and more people claim you never existed, doubts really begin to bloom.
The Story: doesn't mean it's never been this way before )
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Who: Dorian Pavus & you!
Where: The bar.
When: 11/21, mid-afternoon until well past midnight.
Rating: R, potentially.
Summary: In failing to save the Herald of Andraste, Dorian feels he's responsible for dooming Thedas-- but the fact that Brennan's memories and his own now contradict has complicated things further.
The Story: Like all the burning hoops of fire that you and I passed through; )
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Who: Mirror!Robyn, Mirror!Sam, and Mirror!Snow... AND YOU
Where: Running all around the Mirrorside!
When: 10/28
Rating: R for violence and language
Summary: Today isn't a good day to be a Mirror. Most days aren't, really.

choose your own adventure! )
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Who: Wanda Maximoff & you!
Where: Training Center & Magic Training Room
When: 10/21
Rating: PG?
Summary: Slowly but steadily, Wanda is learning to trust herself and her powers as well as her teammates, but there's always room for more practice.
The Story: I hear it's a sad song; )
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Who: Garrett Hawke & Inquisitor Trevelyan, / later you
Where: The outside entrance to the tunnels / the kitchen, bar and anywhere possible
When: October 5th
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: Hawke arrives in Wonderland, fresh off an expedition
The Story: so many pressures, on my mind )
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Who: Dorian Pavus & you!
Where: The gardens, then throughout the mansion and grounds.
When: 9/16 - 9/20
Rating: R, probably.
Summary: Dorian returns from his long visit home on the 16th, and is welcomed back by a nasty event the day afterwards. Splendid work, Wonderland! This log will have heavy spoilers for DA:I Trespasser, as a note to those who would prefer to avoid them.
The Story: And all my friends have been disaffected; )
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Who: Warden Cousland and YOU
Where: Outside (various)
When: 08/29
Rating: PG...?
Summary: The day Robyn arrives to Wonderland is very busy and very confusing.

perhaps we should review what we've learned? )
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Who: Darcy Lewis and YOU
Where: All over
When: 08/28 - 09/02
Rating: PG-13 to be safe - will update as needed
Summary: Setting up safe spots, dealing with the whole HYDRA outbreak, attempting to keep above the hypothetical water.

The Story: ...Looking back at you )
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Who: Max Rockatansky & Everyone else who feels like making frends
Where: The Garden, The Kitchen, The Library
When: 08/24
Rating: Mature content primarily because of Max's canon. Potential triggers can be found here that may or may not be brought up either in character discussion or Max's internal monologues.
Summary: Max kind of having religious experiences all over the place over all the food and water and green stuff tbh.
The Story: and especially don't eat the flowers )
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Who: Helena and everyone who wants to come (Gathering Style)
Where: Helena's room
When: Friday, August 21st, 7:00 p.m.
Rating: G
Summary: Helena hosts a showing of Disney's Robin Hood. (watch here if you'd like!) Treat this post as a gathering and tag in,tag around, have fun!
The Story: Oo De Lally )
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Who: Neku Sakuraba and YOU
Where: the entrance hall
When: all of 8/18
Rating: PG13 for bad words probably
Summary: In order to cheer himself up (and other people too maybe), Neku is finally tagging a wall that isn't in his room. AKA graffiti and spray paint within! You can find him during the process and after to admire his work. Or yell at him. Probably mostly that.
The Story: defacing public property is COOL )
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Who: Angel, Lily Potter & you!
Where: Various!
When: 7/18 - 7/22
Rating: PG
Summary: Event log! Angel investigates things on the other side of the glass, while Lily tries to defend against some of the nastier Mirrors on the Real Side. Other characters may have closed, pre-arranged threads on this log, as well.
The Story: Now I'm tired and I don't wanna walk anymore; )
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Who: Brennan Trevelyan, Dorian Pavus and anyone else out poking at the rips.
Where: All over the Mansion and grounds.
When: Thursday, July 16
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: Despite having just arrived, Brennan heads out to try and do something about the strange rifts that have popped up all over. He's... mildly successful?
The Story: This was a piece of home I could have done without, honestly. )


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