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Who: Morrigan + you!
Where: the Deep Roads
When: 5/5-5/9
Rating: PG-13ish. Violence is expected, but probably not super graphic?
Summary: One trip through the Deep Roads was enough, but this mansion-shaped prison is still a prison. Maybe there's a path out.
Note: Insert your own pre-5/9 prompt if you'd like! I'm game. Or you can pm or pp me if you have a craving for something specific.
The Story: everything's weird and we're always in danger )
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Who: Morrigan + Anders
Where: on the beach
When: around now
Rating: anything Dragon Age is at least PG, right?
Summary: "The hot apostate who yelled at Alistair" shows up in need of assistance. Anders to the rescue!
The Story: it's raining apostates )
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Who: Steve Rogers and YOU
Where: All over Wonderland
When: 08/28 - 09/02
Rating: R for lots of violence
Summary: Steve is not Steve anymore. Now he's only the Soldier. But he has a mission to complete and he doesn't fail.
The Story: it scares me half to death )


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