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Who: Izaya [[personal profile] has_signed_on] and Souji [[personal profile] eatsyourscience]
Where: Area 9: Mars
When: 4/5
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary: Souji and Izaya are both affected by the 7/5/10 no-lying-ever event and happen to share an awkward moment in a hole in the ground.
The Story: Izaya may have to shoa Souji his stabs )
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Who: Orihara Izaya [[personal profile] has_signed_on] and Arisato Minato [[personal profile] jivitadana]
Where: [Inaba] The forest
When: [Backdated] The evening of Saturday, March 17
Rating: PG+ for conversation and its subsequent consequences
Summary: Izaya and Minato finally discuss killing and being killed
The Story: I rush straight ahead with a sword in hands... )
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Who: Yuu [[personal profile] last_liar] and Izaya [[personal profile] has_signed_on]
Where: Yuu's dream
When: Second day of the event (2/18)
Rating: PG-13 maybe. It's Izaya.
Summary: Izaya is not impressed with Yuu's dream.
The Story: He's not really that imaginative. )
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Who: Yuu, Alex, Santana, Lamb, Mark (OR IS IT?), Izaya, maybe Minato and anyone else who gets invited
Where: An empty first-floor room
When: The first day of the event
Summary: Teaming up stands a chance of protecting people from the wolves... right?
The Story: There's a room on the first floor that has been commandeered, folks. Commandeered for the good of the illustrious gentlemen listed above.

Only some of whom actually know each other.

One TWO of whom are crazed murderers.

...This could be a fraught five days.

Incidentally, as of the first thread, there's now a mutilated corpse adorning the floor just inside the door. You know how it is. Can't get the cleaning staff these days.
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Who: Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo
Where: Shizuo's room
When: Monday
Rating: PG-Violence
Summary: Everything dies tonight.
the Story: Durarararararararararara )
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Who: Orihara Izaya and Aikawa Yuu
Where The office where Izaya does all his ridiculous therapy work
When: Sunday
Rating: PG-15
Summary: "Exposure Therapy is the only way!"
the Story: insert witty cut text here )


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