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Who: [livejournal.com profile] hi_blog and Anyone
Where Anywhere
When: 8-23 (day two)
Rating: R for violence
Summary: Hibari is already pretty extreme but now he's extremely extreme. Tag here to be bitten or to try and bite back. (no heroes please!)

Not comfortable playing out fight scenes? Just tag here saying Hibari attacked your character and we'll call it done. You can pick the damage amount and we'll just say today the reason for being attacked by Hibari is that he felt crowded by your presence (unless you have a more specific idea).

Byakuran, if you're there, Hibari'd like to get his ring back. Gokudera, he's coming for you.

AIM is NikoYG if you wanna talk OOC about anything herein.

The Story: Man on a Mission )


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