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Who: Elsword & OPEN
Where: Mostly outside, or heading outside from the mansion
When: Early mornings during the event (16th~19th) but also the event in general I guess
Rating: ????? who knows but probably not too terrible
Summary: EVENT CATCH-ALL feel free to use actiontags if you want btw I don't care
The Story: putting this up on the last day of the event like a boss )
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Who: Susan and Anyone!
Where: Anywhere indoors.
When: The second and third days of the Hellhound Event. *
Rating: PG-PG-13 depending on how graphic anything gets.
Summary: Susan is looking for people who need help and intends to drag them (willingly, unconscious, or kicking and screaming, if necessary,) to safety.
The Story: These demonic creatures were hounding her at every turn. )

*If you have a thread you'd like to do on Day 1 of the event, please, have at. Just please put "DAY 1" in the subject so I know what's up. It's all good.

OOC: Everyone is welcome to tag in! If you've got an idea about what your character is doing, and you'd like Susan to run into them, feel free to start a thread. If you'd like to toss them at Susan but are drawing a blank for a set-up, just drop an empty comment below (with a day in the subject, for preference) or message me. I'll drop something in, or we can figure something out.
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Who: Elsword & OPEN
Where: All over the goddamn place
When: Hellhound event, days 1~3
Rating: M for I really like maiming my characters you guys
Summary: Did someone call for gratuitous explosions?
The Story:

Day 1 )

Days 2 & 3 )
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Who: Meg and people - semi open.
Where: In the mansion/grounds
When: the night on the first day (8/3), then day/afternoon/night of the second day (8/4)
Rating: M for DYING and language and other kinds of nastiness (like very descriptive injuries)
Summary: Meg. That's the summary.
The Story: karma is coming for a certain demon. )
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Who: Everyone in Wonderland!
Where: The chessboard hills
When: Monday, July 15, all day starting at 10:00 AM
Rating: PG-13 (probably)
Summary: The Red Queen has accepted a challenge from the Queen of Hearts.
The Story: Here is some important info to get you started. ♥ )
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Who: Someone and YOU [Open]
Where: All over Wonderland
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Summary: Someone has appeared to provide some hints
The Story: In a wonderland they lie, dreaming as the days go by )

[If you have ooc questions about this log or this NPC, please use the Q&A thread on this post to ask them. All are welcome to tag here!]


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