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Who: Bigby Wolf ([personal profile] sheriffwolf) and YOU
Where: Around the Township
When: Zombies weekend
Rating: This Rating brought to you by the letters W for Wolf and Z for Zombie.
Summary: Losing his powers means that Bigby is now a large Wolf. Lucky for everyone else, he's very good at fighting the undead. Just don't be surprised if he starts complaining about the taste.
The Story: Huff and Puff and Blow the House In )
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Who: Bigby ([personal profile] sheriffwolf)/Mirror!Bigby ([personal profile] bigbwulf) , Teddy ([personal profile] hulk_ling)/Mirror!Teddy ([personal profile] skrullprince)
Where: Both Real and Mirror sides
When: Duration of the event
Rating: Mature Audiences (Because the Big Bad Wolf plays for keeps)
Summary: Bigby investigates the rips and gets swapped the moment the Big Bad Wolf decides to come play real side. Teddy has been trying to see if the tears hold a key for the way home and his mirror is taking advantage of the impromptu field trip.
The Story: I'm asking him to change his ways )
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Who: Sam Winchester, Mirror!Sam, Daenerys Targaryen, Snow White, Mirror!Snow, Ellie and YOU
Where: Various! You name it and I'll match!
When: July 16-23
Rating: PG-13, will update if needed
Summary: CATCH-ALL FOR THE EVENT, assume there will be shenanigans
The Story: Expand( it's a battle cry, it's a symphony )
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Who: Bigby Wolf ([personal profile] sheriffwolf) and/or Teddy Altman ([personal profile] hulk_ling) and YOU!
Where: Around the Hot Springs - various locations
When: Hot Springs Event
Rating: Mature for naked booty
Summary: Bigby and Teddy enjoy the break at the hot spring. Starters inside.

The Story: Splish Splash I was taking a bath )
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Who: house stark + visitors
Where: tenth floor and the roof
When: April 9th - April 13th
Rating: pg-13
Summary: on the top floor of the mansion, there reside the wolves of house stark. the floor is almost chillier when compared with the rest of the mansion but food supplies are good due to lady stark's connection with the queen of house targaryen. the queen in the north has the house to be quite secluded and those who are not sworn allies are not allowed in. the banners of a grey direwolf on a white field can be seen quite everywhere. throughout the floor, a big actual direwolf roams to check for intruders.

The Story: the lone wolf dies but the pack survives )
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Who: House Tully (and esteemed guests)
Where: The Fifth Floor
When: April 9th to April 13th
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The fifth floor has been transformed, decked in the banners of House Tully. Yes, that totally includes the bar.
The Story: The House of Geeks is in! Bring dice! )
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When: ANYT-- Friday, February 20 to Monday, February 23
Rating: An average PG-13? (Consider warning for explicit sexual or violent content in your thread's subject line)
For the duration of this event each character will discover that their room has been replaced with one of their own memories, one that they find themselves particularly happy or "at home" in. More information can be found here.

This log is an opportunity for your characters to describe the memory playing in their room, so that other characters might visit, and watch the scene unfold. To help browse the collection better, please include your character's name, and their room number in the subject line (e.g. Seta Souji - 100, 6th floor) of your top-level comment.

Rooms/Comments may be locked to certain people, or be available for all to see & visit. Log participation is completely and entirely voluntary.

Have fun!
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Who: Everyone is welcome, children and adults alike.
Where: First floor, ballroom.
When: 01/21, from about 9:00 PM on.
Rating: r;
Summary: Formal ball.

You don't look back on your life and remember the nights where you got plenty of sleep. )
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Who: charlie ([personal profile] notready) & OPEN
Where: multiple places
When: now and any time!
Rating: pg (for now)
Summary: charlie takes to exploring more of wonderland...

my life gets kind of boring. )
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Who: TEAM LEVI for the direct Titan attack
Where: The roof tops, the forest, and maybe inside of a titan's belly.
When: All event long
Rating: R, blood, gore, violence, maybe death and swearing
Summary: Shit is fucked.
The Story: We fight to see the distinction )
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Who: The Jabberwock & YOU
Where: Anywhere, Mirrorside
When: 12/18 - 12/25
Rating: up to R for combat & violence
Summary: It's a delicious day behind the mirrors, and you are on the menu. Fight or flee, lest the Jabberwocky feed on you.
The Story: But I can't sleep until I devour you )
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Who:Bigby Wolf Max Wolfe and you
Where: All around Storybrooke
When: The duration of the event October 24-28
Rating: Let's go with Mature
Summary: Max is your friendly, neighborhood goofy Elementary School Gym Teacher. Really, he loves kids and he's one of the more popular teachers at the school. He's secretly involved with Mary Margaret and he's ready to let the world know, however, she's not interested just yet. He's struggling with his feelings and while he wants to wait for her to be ready, he's starting to wonder why she doesn't want others to know.
The Story:

Help me out when telling this fable )
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Who:Bigby and Open
Where:The Diner (Where he and Mary Margaret have met for coffee sometimes)
When:October 12th (Singing Event)
Summary: Bigby swings by the coffee shop hoping to find Mary Margaret when he is struck by the Wonderland event. Eat your heart out, ladies.

B-b-b-bad )
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Who: Bigby Wolf ([personal profile] sheriffwolf) and Mary Margaret ([personal profile] cinnamonie)
Where: Bigby's Room (Second Floor, 207)
When: October 9th
Rating: PG
Summary: After a series of text messages, Mary Margaret comes by Bigby's room for a shoulder to cry on.
The Story:

I'll be love's suicide )
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Who: Bigby Wolf ([personal profile] sheriffwolf) and John Blake ([personal profile] thinblueline)
Where: Random spots along the trail
When: Oregon Trail Event (Sunday, August 31 - Thursday, September 4)
Rating: Mature for language that is sure to come out of Bigby's mouth
Summary: Bigby is living life riding a horse (as opposed to eating one, this time). Along the trail he runs into John Blake. He continues to run into John Blake for the duration of the trip. Wacky misadventures ensue!
The Story: We're roll into the Wild Wild West )
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Who: Mary Margaret Blanchard and anyone who is hungry!
Where: The Kitchen and the nearest large table.
When: August 19th, evening
Rating: PG
Summary: Mary Margaret offered to cook dinner for anyone who was hungry, but it's becoming a much larger ordeal than she originally expected.
The Story: wonderland family dinner )
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Who: Jo Harvelle & you!
Where: Fifth floor training room, the bar and Fort Dixon-Potter.
When: August 12th, throughout the day.
Rating: PG, will alter if needed.
Summary: Loss is inevitable, but still difficult to bear.
The Story: Listen to me, you've been lonely too long; )
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Who: Demon Bigby
When: Angels/Demons event
Rating: PG-13/R depending on how evil Bigby gets
Summary: The Big Bad Wolf is on the prowl - this time he's in human form. He's a monster and loves to cause mayhem wherever he goes. Plus, he's hungry so be prepared to indulge in ravenous acts of gluttony.
The Story:

Bigby Gets )
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Who: Bigby, Peter Pan and Hannibal Lecter
Where: The Forest
When: Now
Rating: PG-13 (Will adjust upwards if necessary)
Summary: Gold needs some things from the Forest and since he can't go, Hannibal Lecter goes instead to advance the study. Bigby comes along to keep whatever Gold is wary of in the Forest at bay. Neither counted on meeting Peter Pan himself.
The Story: Where have you been? You are a different man. You disappeared and just like that, you're here )
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Who: Levi (Class 1-1: age 15) and you!
Where: The roof of the school, on campus, and at the festival
When: All event long
Rating: PG-13 for Levi's shitty mouth
Summary: Blood Orange gang member and class 1-1 delinquent decides to actually show up to school.
The Story: Let our voices run dry as we bellow! )
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Who: Teenage Bigby Wolf (15) and YOU
Where: At the School Cultural Event, Class 1-3
When: Japanese High School AU Event (Saturday through Wednesday)
Rating: PG-13 for Bigby’s foul mouth
Summary: Bigby is a fifteen year-old rebel who is not into school shit whatsoever. On days he’s not in class, he can be found outside smoking and picking fights with whoever gives him the stink eye. Teenage Bigby will be played by [personal profile] bigbadwlf for the duration of the event.
The Story:

To face this on your own, well I guess this is growing up )
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Who: Bigby Wolf ([personal profile] sheriffwolf) and Hannibal Lecter ([personal profile] camebefore)
Where:Bigby’s room, 204 Second Floor
When: July 3rd
Rating: R for Blood, Guts and a naked Bigby
Summary: Bigby ate too many things while the Wolf. When he changed back, some of those things got stuck. Along comes Hannibal who is willing to help in a rather gruesome manner.
The Story:

And Dr. Woodsman came to save him from his gluttony )
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Who: Bigby and Mary Margaret
Where: In the Coffee Shop
When: Wednesday before the event (6/25)
Rating: PG and S for sobs
Summary: Mary Margaret remembers who she is and has to break the news to Bigby
The Story: It all comes crashing back down )
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Who: Bigby Wolf and You
Where:In the Forest
When: The Puppy Event
Rating: PG-13 for cursing (will update if necessary)
Summary: Magic has disappeared and all that was once hidden by a spell is now revealed. Bigby is in his true form The Big Bad Wolf and he isn't happy about it at all.
The Story:

I will blow your house down. )


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