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Who: Kurt Weller & Ray Palmer
Where: The lake!
When: 13-Sep
Rating: PG
Summary: Ray has a Very Big Question to ask his girlfriend's brother.
The Story: just wait and see )
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Who: Everyone who wants to participate!
Where: The Mindscape (and elsewhere in reality, if specified)
When: September 6th through September 8th
Rating: PG-13 to R for potentially disturbing, violent, or dark subjects.
Summary: Thanks to an explosion on the third floor, every time a person falls asleep, they enter the Mindscape...

The Story: Improper use of machinery could lead to utter catastrophe. )
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Who: Peggy Carter + YOU
Where: Mansion grounds + the 'Palace'
When: August 25th to 27th
Rating: PG13ish
Summary: Peggy struggles with spatial anomalies, with the universe being bigger than she thought it was, and with life in general. Will match prose/brackets.
The Story: let bygones be gone, it's all in the past, we raise a glass )
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Who: Freya Mikaelson & Ray Palmer
Where: Magic Studies Room
When: 23-Aug
Rating: PG
Summary: Ray finds himself in over his head when looking for a friend...
The Story: only freya can prevent raymond fires! )

( open )

Aug. 17th, 2017 12:42 pm
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Who: Open to all!
Where: Anywhere. Nowhere? Let's get weird.
When: 17-Aug
Rating: G
Summary: “Carbonated Candy” was originally invented in 1956 by William A. Mitchell, a chemist at the General Foods company looking for a way to make instant carbonated soda (think Coke) by somehow trapping carbon dioxide into candy tablets. But when the instant soda experiment didn’t turn out, the formula was forgotten and put away. Twenty years later, another chemist came across the formula, reworked it a little, and turned it into POP ROCKS®.
The Story: The Planet's #1 Selling Popping Candy. )
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Who: Ray Palmer and Rip Hunter
Where: The fifth floor bar / Ray's workshop
When: July 12th (prior to the event)
Rating: R probably? Character suffering and death
Summary: Ray has refused to give up his belief that Rip can be saved. That faith comes with a high price.
The Story: but i haven't thought of you lately at all )
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Who: Peggy Carter + OPEN
Where: Various spots
When: From July 3rd to mid-month.
Rating: PG, most likely.
Summary: Peggy digests some unexpected developments, fires away her disappointments, and throws herself into more productive endeavours. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.
The Story: before you know it's come and gone too soon )
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Who: Gideon + Ray Palmer / Gideon + OPEN
Where: Various locations
When: July 3
Rating: PG
Summary: New arrival makes bad life choices
The Story: three steps back )


Jun. 26th, 2017 01:14 pm
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Who: Anyone!
Where: The Kindergarten
When: Any time during the event!
Rating: PG13
Summary: Mingle time! Ray tries out every spell he can think of. You and your friends and hopefully your party healer reap the ... consequences. Sorcerers, man. Ugh. Assume whatever you'd like about the spell DCs and such -- just use whatever numbers will make it the most fun for you. Ray's a reckless trash mage with garbage modifiers anyway ;)
The Story: greetings and salutations! )
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Who: Dean Winchester, and whoever. Let me know if you want me to throw up a separate starter.
Where: Around the Kindergarten.
When: June 23-27
Rating: PG-13??
Summary: Dean's a half-elf supernaturalist with a backpack full of protection and magic he's not sure how to use??? Don't fuck with Legolas, guys. I'll also match format and prompt so go ahead and hit me with any wildcard scenarios. I'm flexible.
The Story: when magic filled the air )
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Who: one super-aasimar & you!!
Where: all over
When: during the event
Rating: let's be honest, probably pg-13+ because fights
The Story: ... no. I ate that too. )


Jun. 20th, 2017 01:17 pm
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Who: Nate Heywood & Ray Palmer (closed)
Where: Forest
When: June 20
Rating: PG these are good sweet wholesome boys ok
Summary: Mick reminded Ray that he needs to blow off his own damn steam his own damn way without dragging people into it unwittingly. Nate Heywood is a stalker.
The Story: bro )
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Who: Ray Palmer & Mick Rory (closed)
Where: Ray's Workshop
When:June 15th
Rating: PG-13 (language & violence)
Summary: Ray learns lessons the hard way. If at all...?
The Story: then incinerate )
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Who: Ray Palmer and Sarah Weller as your hosts, Jane and Kurt Weller as the couple being honored, and all of their friends!
Where: The ballroom
When: Friday, June 9, from 7 p.m.-midnight
Rating: If you go over PG, header warning!
Summary: Jane and Kurt got married at home and so clearly Sarah needs to throw them a wedding reception.
The Story: I didn't mean to fall in love. But then you smiled and I blew it. )
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Who: Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Nate "Nancy" Heywood, Ray Palmer, Rip Hunter and YOU!
Where: Rip's room, second floor 024
When: 29th of May
Rating: PG-13 minimum, possible R depending on where conversations go
Summary: Leonard and Mick have decided that Rip needs some company in form of a jam session with a bit of karaoke and a lot of alcohol. Also snacks, because Mick is there. Rip is less pleased, but Nate and Ray are down to party and Rip is literally too injured to get away from them once they occupy his room.

Things are gonna happen and everyone is welcome to join in! Ways to best join in below the cut. Backtagging welcome and feel free to share this with people over plurk or other channels, the more the merrier!
The Story: So everybody, everywhere Don't be afraid, don't have no fear I'm gonna tell the world, make you understand As long as there'll be music, we'll be comin' back again )


May. 12th, 2017 11:25 pm
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Who: Chronos (Mirror!Mick) and you
Where: Various places of Wonderland
When: 14th-15th
Rating: PG-13 - may change
Summary: A certain science experiment on the fourth floor didn't go exactly as planned, and now Mirror Mick is on the loose on the Real side
The Story: Chronos in the houuuuse )
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Who: Sarah Weller, Mick Rory, Ray Palmer
Where: Sixth Floor, lower numbers
When: 4/24
Rating: R (language, violence, character death)
Summary: The trio makes a daring escape from zombies. Ray doesn't make it.
The Story: and they laid him sad and lonely within his nameless grave )
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Where: Wonderland and adjacent dimensions!
When: Friday, April 21st to Monday, April 24th
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A place to list your tears throughout the event, and describe the worlds that can be seen or accessed through them. Event Post.
The Story: That we don't know what hasn't been... )
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Who: Ray Palmer and passersby? Rogue CR? (OPEN!)
Where: Second floor. Rooms 26/27
When: April 12
Rating: R
Summary: Ray finally gets his shot at pranking the pranksters. But like, less cool.
The Story: you'll think, how'd i get here, sitting next to you? )
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Who: Jane Doe and you
Where: Various places
When: Post event
Rating: PG to start, will change if higher.
Summary: I mean, it's Jane in various places plus a date w/Kurt idk what else to say so, lmao.
Notes: Will match prose or bracket!
The Story: Like a drifter I was born to walk alone. )
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Who: Kurt Weller + YOU
Where: All over Wonderland
When: April 5th (after the event) - April 15th
Rating: PG
Summary: Kurt gets a basketball court set up, enjoys some beer from home, teaches self-defense, and cooks up some cheesesteaks.
The Story: going down the only road I've ever known )

[ if you want to hit Kurt up somewhere else, just send me a pm or hit me up on plurk: [ profile] cityoflight ]
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Who: Sarah Weller + You!
Where: Massage therapy room, bar, diner, training facility
When: Throughout the month
Rating: PG? Will update if needed
Summary: Sarah's happy, doing her thing, being gross with Ray sometimes. Also, brackets or prose - I'll match!
The Story: Rusted! )
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Who: EVERYONE, but especially you!
Where: Wonderland Ballroom
When: New Year's Eve
Rating: PG - PG13 (will change if applicable)
Summary: New Year's Eve Party
The Story:

[The morning of December 31st, all residents will receive a handwritten invitation slipped under their door.]

You are cordially invited to attend a party
celebrating the New Year

Wonderland Ballroom
8 pm - 1 am

Semi-Formal Attire
Buffet & Bar
No RSVP Required

All Ages Welcome

For inquiries, contact E. O'Connell

Sing Auld Lang Syne )
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Who: Sarah Weller and her poor boo :( (Ray Palmer)
Where: Sarah's room
When: directly after this
Rating: PG-13? If it goes higher, will update.
Summary: Sarah isn't here for people who HURT RAY.
The Story: fight me, bro. )
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Who: Faith Lehane / Jane Foster / Bonnie Bennet / Ray Palmer
Where: Various
When: Dec-Jan
Rating: Up to PG-13
Summary: Catch-all for surprise arranged threads. (Please shoot me a PM if you'd like something! <3)
The Story: everything you want's a dream away )


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