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Who: Liv Moore and you!
Where: Just inside the mansion
When: July 10th
Rating: G-PG?
Summary: Your typical dead girl arrival in Wonderland.
The Story: Hashtag 'Sorry, not sorry.' )
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Who: Henry and Regina Mills
Where: Regina's living room because she's less likely to destroy it in frustration
When: Nowish?
Rating: G, honestly
Summary: Henry is teaching his mom how to play Mario Kart WHAT COULD GO WRONG
The Story: 8th floor don't panic if magic blasts the door off its hinges. )
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Who: Cissie King-Jones and YOU
Where: All around the ski lodge (inside and out), and out in the snow
When: Duration of the event
Rating: G? Will change if necessary
Summary: Come play in the snow, or drink hot chocolate in the lodge after Cissie's pelted you with snow.
The Story: Cissie's out and about, enjoying the snow and the lodge for the first two days of the event. Come chat by the fire with her, or get pelted by snowballs! Or try to teach her how to ski. Day 3 will find Cissie preoccupied with arguing with Tim and getting lost in the snow with Kon.

Hang onto your hopes, my friend. That's an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass away, simply pretend that you can build them again )
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Where: Outside the resort
When: For the first couple of days of the event
Rating: PG for "pure goodness" and probably people being salty about being pelted with snow.
The Story: celebrate the feeling, celebrate the feeling. )

[ooc: THIS IS AN OPEN MINGLE LOG. Feel free to post top levels at your leisure. The starter text here is to give you an idea of how to get your characters involved, because the Pines Twins WILL be pelting everyone with snow to get them to have fun. MAKE TEAMS. THROW SNOW. HAVE FUN.]
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Who: Henry Mills, Regina Mills, and Aunt Zelena
Where: 8th floor tea room
When: Sunday May 14th
Rating: G unless someone blows something up, idk.
Summary: Henry planned a brunch for his mom and aunt because he's a GOOD BOY.
The Story: everything i am, you helped me to be. )
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Who: Henry Mills and the Pink Power Ranger because yes.
Where: Some random corner of the mansion
When: Day three-fourish
Rating: PG
Summary: Fire is the answer to Henry's invisible zombie problems!
The Story: Narrator: It was not the answer. )
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Who: Anyone who wants to come watch Archaeologist Adventures
Where: The Movie Theater, Fourth Floor
When: Saturday April 14th, 6pm
Rating: PG-13 for shooting nazis?
Summary: Indiana Jones Movie Night
The Story: Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes? )
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Who: Kurt Weller + YOU
Where: All over Wonderland
When: April 5th (after the event) - April 15th
Rating: PG
Summary: Kurt gets a basketball court set up, enjoys some beer from home, teaches self-defense, and cooks up some cheesesteaks.
The Story: going down the only road I've ever known )

[ if you want to hit Kurt up somewhere else, just send me a pm or hit me up on plurk: [ profile] cityoflight ]
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Who: Billy Cranston and YOU
Where: The Silversun strip
When: Monday 4/3/17
Rating: PG-PG13
Summary: Billy arrives and promptly gets distracted
The Story: they're the mighty morphin' power rangers )
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Who: Mettaton, a closed starter and YOU!
Where: Almost everywhere in the Citadel
When: Throughout the event (4/1- 4/4)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mettaton throws caution to the wind and embraces this great Space Vacation
The Story: Ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here )
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Who: Mabel, Dipper, and YOU
Where: Citadel Archives, the arcade, and some place they shouldn't be
When: During the event
Rating: PG
Summary: Mystery Twins vs the Citadel
The Story: deck the halls i'm young again )
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Who: Regina Mills & Henry Mills
Where: Regina's room
When: March 8th
Rating: PG at most
Summary: Time to finally discuss those Christmas gifts.
The Story: called to the sea but she abandoned me )
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Where: Your dreams!
When: Friday February 17th - Monday February 20th (The length of the event!)
Rating: PG-13, warn if higher!
Summary: A catch-all log for everyone's dreams in this event, and all of the subconscious shenanigans within them!
The Story: Show me the side streets in your life. )
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Who: EVERYONE, but especially you!
Where: Wonderland Ballroom
When: New Year's Eve
Rating: PG - PG13 (will change if applicable)
Summary: New Year's Eve Party
The Story:

[The morning of December 31st, all residents will receive a handwritten invitation slipped under their door.]

You are cordially invited to attend a party
celebrating the New Year

Wonderland Ballroom
8 pm - 1 am

Semi-Formal Attire
Buffet & Bar
No RSVP Required

All Ages Welcome

For inquiries, contact E. O'Connell

Sing Auld Lang Syne )
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Where: Your dreams!
When: December 15th - December 25th, whenever a character is asleep.
Rating: PG-13 (Warn if Higher)
Summary: A catch-all for everyone's mysterious alternate Wonderland dreams!
The Story: Just like the ones I used to know. )
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Who: Lily Potter & you!
Where: The library, the magic study, and the kitchen.
When: December 10th, afternoon.
Rating: PG
Summary: For the first time in Lily's memory, James has disappeared from Wonderland.
The Story: I'll be good like I know I should; )
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Who: Henry Mills, Regina Mills (closed starter), and you (open starters!)
Where: Attic, the library
When: December times
Rating: G-PG
Summary: Henry spends some quality time with his mom, then checks out the attic and hangs out in the library. Will match prose or brackets!
The Story: finally, a little happy )
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Who: Professor Kurt Weller + YOU!
Where: Literally everywhere!
When: Throughout the event
Rating: Doubtful it would be higher than PG but will edit if needed
Summary: Professor Kurt Weller will be in his element teaching Charms class and assisting students after class who may need extra assistance; he will be enjoying some time at Hogsmeade; spending time in the common (he is Gryffindor Head of House); and for fun, there will be a movie marathon of the best muggle movies played on an old-fashioned projector!

The Story: the world is full of magic things )
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Who: (Professor) Garrett Hawke & You
Where: Various locales around Hogland. Wonderwarts? Whatever.
When: 1st-5th
Rating: PG-ish
Summary: Care of Magical Creatures classes are in session, and a general purpose log for Hawke during the event.
The Story: When the ashes and embers are cold )
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Who: E V E R Y O N E
Where: Everywhere that isn't one of the parties! Both Sides!
When: Sept 1st to Sept 10th
Rating: G to PG-13 (please label higher ratings, thank you!)
Summary: Wonderful parties are springing up all across Wonderland, but there are still plenty of other places to explore. This is a log for any new arrivals who want to experience different parts of Wonderland life, and any current guests not in the mood for a log or transmission of their own.

Please also see THE FOURTH WALL MASTER POST for rules, information, and all the fun parties you can visit!
The Story: If the fates allow... )
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Who: Daisy Johnson + you! [OPEN]
Where: Outside.
When: Today.
Rating: For now, probably PG at worst. If it goes higher than than in any threads, I will update this line accordingly.
Summary: Daisy tries to do stuff with her powers. The results are hilarious.
The Story: practice makes ... perfect??? )


Aug. 21st, 2016 12:59 pm
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Who: Henry Mills and you
Where: Around the mansion
When: Aug 21
Rating: Probably no more than PG but if needed, will adjust.
Summary: Henry's been through it.
Note: Will match prose or brackets. If you'd like a specific starter in the comments, hit me up on plurk at [ profile] propernice
The Story: Henry's back and there's stuff. )
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Who: Henry Mills, Mom Mills, and Aunt Mills (?) wtf is your last name, zelena.
Where: Gardens
When: August 18
Rating: Probably PG? Maybe? Who knows.
Summary: A Mills trio returns to Wonderland. One of them is even more teenager-ish than before.
Note: Spoilers for OUAT finale-ish.
The Story: when you wish upon a fountain in nyc. )
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Who: Bruce Banner and Henry Mills
Where: Basement lab
When: Early July
Rating: G/PG
Summary: Bruce tries to work by himself, Henry drops by, they chat about science and magic and stuff.
The Story: and I think it's gonna be a long long time )

[ OPEN ]

Jun. 17th, 2016 09:21 pm
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Who: Kurt Weller + YOU
Where: Around the mansion
When: June 17 and beyond
Rating: PG (I think)
Summary: Broken, haunted emo FBI agent dealing with his emotional baggage. Come say hi! Get drunk or train at the gym with him. Or insist he just relax a little and have some pie. XD
The Story: life is not death, my dear, it requires some panache )
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Who: hooker & YOU, & some others (Alistair, River, Freya)
Where: scattered places in the mansion
When: over the next few months idk spread out a little bit!
Rating: could end up with violence possibly but I don't think it'll be too bad
Summary: dark pirate shenanigans and working toward a reveal!
The Story: ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ ɪ'ᴍ ᴡᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴜᴘ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ. )
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Who: Regina Mills & Henry Mills
Where: Henry's room
When: Literally immediately after the Duchess' transmission
Rating: G
Summary: Henry literally has a heart of gold and Regina is not here for the Duchess' shit (also emotions, i guess)
The Story: it just didn't go off right away )


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