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Who: Regina Mills & You
Where: Alexandria
When: July 14th - 17th
Rating: PG+ for... zombies and violence against them.
Summary: Regina finally gets to experience Michonne's world. It goes as horribly as you'd think.
The Story: no one's getting out )
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Who: Henry and Regina Mills
Where: Regina's living room because she's less likely to destroy it in frustration
When: Nowish?
Rating: G, honestly
Summary: Henry is teaching his mom how to play Mario Kart WHAT COULD GO WRONG
The Story: 8th floor don't panic if magic blasts the door off its hinges. )
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who / klaus + open prompts + closed starters in comments!
where / around and about the mansion grounds
when / after event & july catch-all!
rating / e for everyone (unless otherwise indicated!)
summary / klaus tends to his horse and paints
the story / i’ve always had claws. )
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Who: Regina Mills & Zelena
Where: Zelena's room, and then an empty room somewhere in the millions
When: June 18th
Rating: PG
Summary: Zelena doesn't have her magic anymore, so time for her to learn how to function as a normal person. Also to swordfight.
The Story: there's no way we can fall )
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Who: Regina Mills & Michonne
Where: Michonne's room
When: June 14th
Rating: PG for discussions of death, likely.
Summary: Michonne's isolating herself again, Regina's had enough.
The Story: wraps itself around you and whispers in your ear )
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Who: Henry Mills, Regina Mills, and Aunt Zelena
Where: 8th floor tea room
When: Sunday May 14th
Rating: G unless someone blows something up, idk.
Summary: Henry planned a brunch for his mom and aunt because he's a GOOD BOY.
The Story: everything i am, you helped me to be. )
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Who: Regina Mills & Henry Mills
Where: Regina's room
When: March 8th
Rating: PG at most
Summary: Time to finally discuss those Christmas gifts.
The Story: called to the sea but she abandoned me )
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Who: Michonne and you, Regina Mills
Where: All around
When: Beginning of March
Rating: PGish and will update if needed
Summary: You know. Stuff and things.
The Story: Sweatin' to the oldies )
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Who: Angel & you!
Where: Quor'toth.
When: 12/02 - 12/05
Rating: PG for now.
Summary: Until now, all Angel has known about Quor'toth has been secondhand. He had no idea that something could be even worse than what he'd imagined.
The Story: and just enough time for the night to pass by without warning; )
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Who: Henry Mills, Regina Mills (closed starter), and you (open starters!)
Where: Attic, the library
When: December times
Rating: G-PG
Summary: Henry spends some quality time with his mom, then checks out the attic and hangs out in the library. Will match prose or brackets!
The Story: finally, a little happy )
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Who: Michonne + 2 closed starters (for Regina Mills and Rick Grimes) and 2 very open starters!
Where: Open sections = beach and bar. Two best things that start with a B.
When: Around the month of December
Rating: PG-13 to start? Yeah, sure.
Summary: Michonne gets the 411 from Regina, confronts Rick, then takes to the beach and drinks at the bar. Typical.
The Story: If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. )
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Who: Zelena and Regina
Where: Zelena's room
When: October 6th
Rating: Can't see it going higher than PG
Summary: One last bit of canon update stuff to take care of
The Story: I found the arrow still unbroke )
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Who: Henry Mills, Mom Mills, and Aunt Mills (?) wtf is your last name, zelena.
Where: Gardens
When: August 18
Rating: Probably PG? Maybe? Who knows.
Summary: A Mills trio returns to Wonderland. One of them is even more teenager-ish than before.
Note: Spoilers for OUAT finale-ish.
The Story: when you wish upon a fountain in nyc. )
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Who: hooker & YOU, & some others (Alistair, River, Freya)
Where: scattered places in the mansion
When: over the next few months idk spread out a little bit!
Rating: could end up with violence possibly but I don't think it'll be too bad
Summary: dark pirate shenanigans and working toward a reveal!
The Story: ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ ɪ'ᴍ ᴡᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴜᴘ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ. )
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Who: Regina Mills & Henry Mills
Where: Henry's room
When: Literally immediately after the Duchess' transmission
Rating: G
Summary: Henry literally has a heart of gold and Regina is not here for the Duchess' shit (also emotions, i guess)
The Story: it just didn't go off right away )
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Who: Regina Mills & Michonne
Where: The Deep Roads
When: All event (May 5th - 9th)
Rating: PG for violence against Darkspawn?
Summary: what's better than this, gals being pals as they kill horrifying monsters
The Story: 'cause really you're my dearest friend (so let's go monster hunting) )
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Who: Philip the Magnificent ([personal profile] radiopalkiller) & YOU
Where: The Library & The Network
When: Friday, April 22
Rating: PG-13 for demon deals and raw lizard hearts?
Summary: A physicist and a dark grimoire walk into a bar, aka. "never too late to learn a new hobby, right?"
The Story: I'm a sinner, and my friend, you'd best beware! )

[[ OOC: Both prose and tag spam is welcome, will match format! Philip is a mute telepath, so have a quick look at his info post if you're like 'help why aren't you making words and why is there a voice in my head' ]]
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Who: Henry Mills + you
Where: the mansion, the garden, his room
When: Apr. 1-4
Rating: G, maybe PG if you squint.
Summary: Henry is a hormonal teenager so clearly this event is going to go well.
The Story: What are emotions )
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Who: Robin + Regina
Where: Their room~
When: March-ish
Rating: Safe for the kids
Summary: Marriage talk
The Story: two cuties being cute )
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Who: Michonne + You
Where: The bar
When: Feb. 13th
Rating: Let's start at PG-13 for light cussing and we can move it up from there if we need to
Summary: Carl was here. Now he's gone. Quick as that. (prose or brackets is fine, will match!)
The Story: Bullshit. )
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Who: Regina Mills & Robin Hood
Where: Their room
When: December 25th
Rating: PG
Summary: Christmas has come, and so have the painful memories.
The Story: some things aren't meant to be )
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Who: Regina Mills, Henry Mills & Robin Hood
Where: The gardens
When: (Backdated to) December 7th
Rating: G
Summary: The Mills-Hood family has returned from a canon update, time to catch up
The Story: and we feel so lost )
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Who: Regina Mills & You
Where: The grounds & bar
When: November 22nd
Rating: G
Summary: You know it's an event when Regina appears to have made the right choice. Also she's doing archery training or something.
The Story: a laugh or a squeeze )
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Who: Regina Mills & Helena, and later Robin Hood
Where: pick a place, any place
When: October 31st, after the party crashers arrive
Rating: M..A15+ for murrrrrrrrrrrrrder and eventual character death
Summary: Someone likes Zelena? That's unpossible.
The Story: so many reasons to run and hide )
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Who: The Once-ler [[personal profile] thneedifestdestiny] and YOU
Where: Mostly his Lerkim
When: 10/9 - 10/12 - Event catch-all!
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This event is all the Once-ler's fault and he's not coping well.
The Story: And no one knows I'm gone. )
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Who: Henry Mills, Regina, any others. If you'd like a specific starter, just message!
Where: Around the mansion and surrounding grounds
When: Beginning of October
Rating: PG at most, probably.
Summary: Henry confronts the Dark One, as well as his own dark deeds during the HYDRA event.
The Story: Summoning the Dark One is like summoning Beetlejuice. )
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Who: Angel, Jo Harvelle, Lily Potter & you!
Where: Throughout the mansion and grounds.
When: 9/17 - 9/21
Rating: R
Summary: Shattered Sight event and its aftermath! All three of them have grievances to air.
The Story: Whatever it was must have been some kind of illusion; )
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Who: The Once-ler [[personal profile] thneedifestdestiny] and YOU
Where: Outside, in the Greenhouse.
When: 9/17 - 9/20, the duration of the event.
Rating: PG for cartoon violence.
Summary: The person the Once-ler resents more than anyone else is himself, but everyone else is coming in close second. So, he holes himself up in the greenhouse and booby-traps it, because that's a rational response.
The Story: Don't talk to strangers and don't walk into danger. )
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Who: Dorian Pavus & you!
Where: The gardens, then throughout the mansion and grounds.
When: 9/16 - 9/20
Rating: R, probably.
Summary: Dorian returns from his long visit home on the 16th, and is welcomed back by a nasty event the day afterwards. Splendid work, Wonderland! This log will have heavy spoilers for DA:I Trespasser, as a note to those who would prefer to avoid them.
The Story: And all my friends have been disaffected; )


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