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Who: Claire Fraser and Caleb Brewster
Where: tea room on whatever floor is convienient
When: post-event
Rating: PG for approximatemy 1 F bomb
Summary: Claire is doing some mending and she won't mind sharing what she knows.
The Story: semi-okay knitter attempts to teach someone how. )
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Who: Everyone who wants to participate!
Where: The Mindscape (and elsewhere in reality, if specified)
When: September 6th through September 8th
Rating: PG-13 to R for potentially disturbing, violent, or dark subjects.
Summary: Thanks to an explosion on the third floor, every time a person falls asleep, they enter the Mindscape...

The Story: Improper use of machinery could lead to utter catastrophe. )
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Who: Caleb Brewster and you!
Where: Fourth floor hallway
When: 8/1, early evening
Rating: PG-13 seems safe. Swearing, probably, but not more than that.
Summary: Caleb arrives in Wonderland, confused as can be.
The Story: He said 'Poseidon plays the fates, I bet we'll see each other soon.' )
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Who: Claire Fraser and you, all of you!
Where: A network post + the clinic, greenhouse, library, and grounds
When: Beginning of August!
Rating: Can't see it being more than a low-grade PG, will change or content warn if needed.
Notes: Brackets or prose, will match!
Summary: Claire is setting out to make sure Wonderland is covered medically.
The Story: sing me a song. )


Hello, Wonderland. I've attached a list of names to this message for people who have volunteered to be emergency contacts should the need for healing arise. However, I would like to see if anyone else would be interested, specifically non-magical healers. As we experienced with the last event, magic isn't always working or at full power, and the closets may not give us the medical supplies we need. If you're interested, please let me know either via return message or by coming to the clinic. I'll be here for a little while today.

Also, anyone interested in learning some home remedies or what to do if someone's injured or ill and there are no medical supplies or magic on hand is free to let me know. I know more than one person has expressed interest already, and honestly, in a place like this, you can never tell what knowledge might come in useful.

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Jul. 10th, 2017 11:49 am
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Who: Liv Moore and you!
Where: Just inside the mansion
When: July 10th
Rating: G-PG?
Summary: Your typical dead girl arrival in Wonderland.
The Story: Hashtag 'Sorry, not sorry.' )
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Who: Peggy Carter + OPEN
Where: Various spots
When: From July 3rd to mid-month.
Rating: PG, most likely.
Summary: Peggy digests some unexpected developments, fires away her disappointments, and throws herself into more productive endeavours. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.
The Story: before you know it's come and gone too soon )
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Who: Jamie Fraser & you!
Where: Gardens
When: 1 July, mid-morning
Rating: PG-13 (some mention of war/violence)
Summary: Jamie arrives in Wonderland
Notes: Will match brackets or prose in spite of my prose post!
The Story: i never did intend to gae tae a foreign land )
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Who: Robyn Cousland and YOU
Where: Locations below.
When: June 28th
Rating: PG
Summary: Close to two years in Wonderland, the Warden's days are much the same.
The Story: once we were not afraid of the night )
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Who: Jemma Simmons + You
Where: Planetarium
When: June 13-15, nights
Rating: PG-13. Will edit if something goes beyond that.
Summary: Jemma is thinking some thoughts and since being an adult and talking about things is hard she retreats to watch the stars.
The Story:

we had a promise made; we were in love )
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Who: An American Continental soldier ([personal profile] spycurious) and YOU!
Where: Entrance Hall
When: 6/12
Rating: PG
Summary: Major Tallmadge arrives and discovers that air conditioning is a miracle of science.
The Story: Do we follow what we know? )
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Who: Claire Fraser, Caitlin Snow, Mick Rory
Where: The shared room of fire and booze
When: Ski lodge event, day 2 let's say.
Rating: PG? ish?
Summary: Claire is going to take care of Caitlin and also maybe burn something down on accident.
The Story: So many magical things happen here it's offensive. )
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Who: Stanford, HIS DOG, & YOU!
Where: All around the mansion/mansion grounds/also the beach! (The hallways, bar, pool, etc)
When: 5/5-5/8
Rating: PG! (Will update if necessary.)
Summary: A man tours his dog around Wonderland. Also, science!
The Story: Prompts under the cut! I have waited for the rain to come. )
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Who: The ARRIVAL of Claire Fraser, the assistance of Anders, and you as she explores.
Where: First, the gardens. Then exploring.
When: The week of May 8th.
Rating: PGish? Will update if needed
Summary: Claire arrives and Anders is there to fix her injuries with magic herbs. no, not those magic herbs. Then, she wanders dressed in nothing but the remains of the bottom of a dress and an oversized tartan kilt cinched with a belt because lol what is magic.
Notes: Will match bracket or prose! If you'd like a specific starter, ping me on plurk @ [ profile] propernice
The Story: I seem to have fallen through time. )

I feel very much the stranger in a strange land. - OTA )


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